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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment method for both men and women pattern baldness treatment. It regulates the growth hormones, proteins and vitamins on the scalp of alopecia patients. Without any doubt, the therapy is a quick way to regain lost hair by balancing the hormones and decrease the effects of DHT hormones.

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Affect?

Mesotherapy contains an injection usage that injects the main nutriments onto the scalp. The doctor only gives the injection to the patient after diagnosing the hair loss reason. The process maximizes the absorption of these nutriments by hair follicles. This absorption activates hair roots to trigger growth during sleep or half sleep. It provides enough amino acids that is very important for hair health and increases the keratin production. For these reasons it is accepted as an efficient treatment for all the problems about scalp and hair.

Advantages of Mesotherapy

There are many advantages that make mesotherapy popular day by day. Here are some of them:

The technique is safe.

It minimizes the side effects as allergy and drug interactions.

It does not contain anesthesia usage.

It provides quick recovery.

It is almost painless.

Generally, the treatment is practiced on patients once a week. When the patient starts showing progress, treatments are started practicing once a month or with less frequency. This is a treatment that lasts 4 months. Mostly, patients observe results after completing the treatment.

Hair mesotherapy can provide one of the results below:

By supporting hair growth, it provides more voluminous hair

It stops severe and quick hair loss.

It supports the hair follicles to get to the anagene level

It strengthens the hair and ensures to give lost shiny hairs back

With hair mesotherapy, which has many advantages, it is not difficult to reach healthy hair. Özel Zen Poliklinik is always with you for you to ask the subjects you have been curious about…


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