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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Many people prefer hair mesotherapy, which is a painless method, to protect hair health, to stop hair loss, and to get more vibrant, glossy, and healthy hair than before. Zen Polyclinic offers mesotherapy treatment with its dynamic medical components and innovative treatment approach to patients who do not want to undergo a surgical procedure.

Who Is Suitable for Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy provides the various vitamins and minerals that your hair needs but cannot be received naturally or with a nutritional routine, with an external intervention. Especially, all the minerals such as iron, potassium, copper, zinc, iodine, calcium, selenium are extremely essential components for hair growth and strength. For hair mesotherapy, a varied "cocktail" mixture from growth factor to amino acids, from anti-dandruff to keratin is prepared by our experts.

This innovative treatment is suitable for anyone in one of the following groups

  • Those who experience high hair loss but do not want to undergo surgical procedures,
  • Those who feel numbness and dandruff on the scalp,
  • People with slow hair growth,
  • Those who experience a lack of volume in certain areas of their hair causing an uneven appearance,
  • People with scalp ailments (excessive acne, seborrhea, etc.)
  • Hair mesotherapy represents a form of treatment that aims to both strengthen the hair and maintain the health of the scalp with its substantial structure.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Effective in Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair mesotherapy offers an effective treatment alternative for people who do not want surgical intervention for hair loss. It has been observed that hair loss slows down and stops overtime after mesotherapy on the scalp in both male and female patients.

In addition to improving the blood circulation in the scalp, hair mesotherapy provides revitalization in the hair follicles, which allows the regeneration of hair cells. In this way, new hair growth occurs. Hair mesotherapy also helps to reduce the DHT hormone that causes hair loss in men and supports the correction of hormone imbalances that cause hair loss.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

Hair mesotherapy performed by Zen Polyclinic doctors is applied by injecting the cocktail prepared by your doctor directly under the skin. When this carefully done procedure is completed, your scalp may become sensitive for a few days.

How Many Sessions Should Hair Mesotherapy Have?

When you visit the Zen Polyclinic, your doctor, who performs your hair analysis, notifies you about the mesotherapy process and the calendar he has created for you according to your needs. Standardly, mesotherapy sessions are completed in 6-8 steps. Experts recommend the sessions be repeated at intervals of 1-2 weeks. Constant stimulation of the hair follicles 6-8 times allows you to experience the difference clearly, especially after the last session.

Zen Polyclinic Hair Mesotherapy Cocktail Content

Including a strong mesotherapy cocktail and the highest-quality versions of the ingredients used in the cocktail increases the efficiency you get from the process. With the advice of the expert doctors of the Zen Polyclinic, a rich mesotherapy cocktail with the following agents is prepared for you.

  1. Amino acids: The primary purpose of the mixture, in which many amino acids are included, is to trigger and accelerate the formation of keratin fibers in your hair. Keratin fibers support the hair to be stronger and thicker.
  2. Coenzymes: These represent the components that make your hair look brighter and more vibrant and strengthen the ends and lengths that need repair.
  3. Copper and zinc components: Copper and zinc, also known as hair color minerals, are used to prevent the corrosive effects of "genetic hair loss."
  4. Growth factors: The scalp having a strong enough blood circulation means that the follicles in the relevant areas are stimulated and hair growth is activated. Growth factors are equally unique agents that strengthen circulation.
  5. Hyaluronic acid: This active ingredient included in the cocktail for people who experience seasonal problems such as crusting and drying on the scalp, helps to nourish the hair by increasing the moisture-holding capacity of the skin. This situation promotes hair growth and new hair growth.

Things to Consider After Hair Mesotherapy – What To Be Careful About?

Your doctor, who creates a strong mesotherapy plan for you in the Zen Polyclinic, gives detailed information about the things to be considered immediately after the procedure. In this process, you are expected to direct particular attention to the following warnings.

  1. Do not wash your hair for 3-4 days. The sensitive scalp is extremely ready to absorb chemicals. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for the scalp to contact only its natural oil during this process.
  2. Do not expose your sensitive scalp to direct sunlight.
  3. Vasodilation, dilation of blood vessels in the medical literature. It means. This enlargement frequently causes a decrease in blood pressure. Pressure drop negatively affects the performance of the circulatory system for a while. Alcohol consumption just before the processor within a week after the process will cause an increase in vasodilation. Therefore, alcohol consumption is unrecommended.
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