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Lip Filler

Women care about beauty since ancient ages and lips are significantly one of the most essential parts for them because lips are considered to be a sign of beauty. If women do not like the shape or volume of their lips, they do not need to live with them throughout their lives. Also, age is a reason to lose the shape and the volume of your lips. You can change the appearance of yourself with little and simple touches. The reason is not important, if you want to have a unique look, lip filling is the most popular and natural beauty touch in recent years.

Health is the primary thing for us. At Zen Polyclinic, we use the most advanced technologies. Besides that, it is extremely essential for us that you are satisfied with your new look and our treatment, so we would like to give you the exact natural look you demanded with the best care.

Why Should You Have Lip Filler?

Age and genetics are usually the common reasons to have thin and small lips. Some women are not comfortable with the asymmetric shapes of their lips. Sometimes, women just want to change the appearance of themselves. It is possible to have natural and impressive lips which are suitable for your face and the exact look you wanted at Zen Polyclinic. We can guide you with our specialists and our most advanced technologies.

How is Lip Filling Applied?

Zen Polyclinic performs the lip filling treatment in the healthiest and extremely comfortable environment. With hyaluronic acid, women can have lips in better shape and with more volume. Anesthetic cream is applied on the lips before the treatment by specialists and it provides you to not have much pain. The injection takes about 30 minutes and you can return to your daily life instantly after the treatment.

Specialists at the Zen Polyclinic examine the following parameters in detail for optimal results;

  1. Profile Balancing
  2. The Shape of the chin and nose
  3. The ratio of the upper lip and the lower lip
  4. The shape of the face
  5. The vertical upper lips lines
  6. Frequent herpes around the lips
  7. Nodules left on the lips from previous treatments
  8. Lips made with improper technique
  9. Orthodontic problems of the upper and lower jaw

After the Treatment

After a few hours of the treatment, you are allowed to make up. During a week after the treatment, you should avoid direct sunlight and any UV light. So, to be in a sauna or solarium should not be preferred as well. Skin therapy is not recommended after the lip filler treatment.

Recovery Time

With the new generation fillers, the risk of edema and swelling is significantly less than before but there can be bruising or swelling on your lips during a few days after the treatment. It is recommended to avoid medicines and food that will prolong the bleeding time before the lip filler treatment because the area of the lips is an intense area of bleeding. There can be swelling during 3 days but you are allowed to camouflage the bruising.

Is Lip Filler Permanent?

When you are careful about the recovery time, the lip fillers that we use to create the best look provide permanence for about 6 to 12 months. Skin structure and the persons enzyme level can change the durability. As long as, you are careful about the first weeks, the permanency will be longer. If you want to have the lip filler treatment after 6 or 12 months later, the permanency will be much longer as well because when you repeat the treatment regularly, the shape and the volume of your lips will be more permanent.

Does Lip Filler treatment look natural?

Specialists at the Zen Polyclinic are so sensitive to provide the best look according to the profile balance and the shapes of your face. We do not perform the same procedure for everyone. All of our treatments are performing according to the shape of your face. Zen Polyclinic provides the most natural look for the shape of your face. After the lip filler treatment, you can easily return to your daily life instantly.

Also, the lip filler treatment is not permanent, after about 6-12 months the permanency ends, your lips will return to the old look as before. If you want your lips to have more volume or shape, you can have the lip filler treatment again. We always provide the most natural look for each person by specialists at the Zen Polyclinic.

Is Lip Filler treatment safe?

Lip Filler treatment is suitable for everyone who is not comfortable with their lips. There is no risk about health in our policlinic because we sterilize every area many times during the day. It is important to have the treatment under the control of the specialists. You should avoid having the lip filler treatment with people who are not specialists. Health is important and it is our priority. That makes us different and unique from others. All of our treatments are performing by our specialists and it is safe to have the lip filler treatment at Zen Polyclinic.

Lip Filler Treatment in Zen Polyclinic with High Hygiene Standards

Protecting your health is the most important thing for us, Zen Polyclinic cares about your health and we are extremely careful on every medical process. Our clinic is well sterilized and high disinfected. Especially after COVID-19, we have significantly the highest hygiene policies. All areas are disinfected many times during the day and after each treatment as well. While our highest hygiene policies are protecting you, there will be no risk about your health or hygiene in our policlinic. Your health is as much as important as your look for us. At this point, we have a big difference from others because we provide the best medical care with the highest hygiene policies for you at Zen Polyclinic. After all, you and your health are the most essential thing for us.