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Temporal (Temple) Filler in Zen Polyclinic

Aging over time causes a loss of volume in our face. After certain ages, such volume losses become visible. The temple area is sufficiently affected by such natural events. Zen Polyclinic is a place where such situations are most successfully eliminated. The temple filler process is performed in volume losses and gives the face the youthful appearance it should have. Volume losses in the temple area, where the natural shape of the face is distorted, are filled in a specialist manner in our polyclinic. Achieving a youthful appearance is much more possible with the Zen Polyclinic.

How Is Temporal (Temple) Filler Performed?

Our private and expert medical aesthetic experts at the Zen Polyclinic will provide you with the necessary interviews first, with the appointment you will receive from us. The construction of the temple filler will be determined in line with your requests and complaints. The most important point here is that your requests and complaints are at a realistic level, you should set your expectations accordingly. Our doctor will start the temple filler, taking into account what you have said. This procedure is non-surgical. Very fine-tipped needles are used for temple filler, which is performed as an injection. To minimize the feeling of needles, a cream that will give the effect of numbness to the temple area is applied before the filling. The temple area, which is formed from the outer part of the eyebrows to the hairline, receives an average of 5-10 injections and is filled.

After Temple Filler

Temple filler, which takes about 10 or 15 minutes in our polyclinic, is one of the procedures that give your face the most natural look. After this filler, you can return to your daily life. The temple filler will not pose any obstacle to you. Since it is a needle procedure, slight swelling may occur right after the procedure, but this will pass quickly. After the temple filler, a filling can be done as a second session if necessary. Thus, the most perfect temple filling is obtained. The temple filler can be permanent for about 12 months. You can repeat this process when its persistence is over.

Safest Place in Temple Filler, Zen Polyclinic

The temple filler should be done with very good care. Because this filler requires precision. This process, which gives volume to the face, should be done in the highest quality places. We invite you to our Zen Polyclinic for perfect temple filler results. We combine the facial appearance you want with the expertise of our doctors. It is possible to obtain an asymmetrical appearance in other temple fillers. But we guarantee you the perfect temple filler. The temple filler that can be applied incorrectly can cause different effects on the person and the facial structure can seriously deteriorate. Our medical aesthetic doctors within the Zen Polyclinic provide you with the youngest face that appeared most sensitively.

Zen Polyclinic, where the best quality temple filler service is provided most cleanly, guarantees you the place where you will feel safest. The best way to create our clinic and the experiences of our doctors working with us are together for you to make the most effective temple filler.

Satisfaction with Temple Filler

At Zen Polyclinic, your satisfaction is our success. The patient satisfaction that we attach the most importance to is the most guaranteed result in our clinic. The results of temple filler made by our doctors that will create your satisfaction are as follows:

  • Temple filler destroys the lines formed by the facial expressions on the temples.
  • This filler closes the collapse in the temples in the most voluminous way.
  • It affects the improvement of low eyebrow structure.
  • It helps to renew the old appearance in the forehead area.
  • Temple filler is applied following the structure of the cheekbones and the harmony of the facial lines is ensured.
  • The filler applied to the temple side provides a youthful appearance on your entire face.

Situations Requiring the Temple Filler

With the collapse that starts to occur in the temples, the temple filler is applied. The collapse of the temple area can also occur in situations such as genetics and weight gain. In general, the temple problem, which becomes visible since the age of 40, is solved with painless temple filler in the Zen Polyclinic.

Hyaluronic Acid Use in Temple Filler

We use the highest quality filler materials to ensure the natural appearance of the temple filler processes we do. We use hyaluronic acid in temple filler. Because this acid also exists naturally in the body. The decrease in hyaluronic acid is a condition that requires filler. There is a shortage of hyaluronic acid in the temple collapses. This is how a natural effect on the face is created. Experience the most natural form of temple filler with the Zen Polyclinic.