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Nasolabial Filling

The first place where old age is immediately evident is the face. With aging, lines around the mouth become evident. Nasolabial is the laughing line located between the lips and the nose. The nasolabial line becomes permanent with time and the effect of aging. This look makes people look much older. The permanence of the line may be related to the structure of the face with aging. With a nasolabial filling, this line disappears and the face looks younger. The effect of nasolabial Filling varies from person to person and is between 6-10 months.

Zen Polyclinic is the best place for nasolabial Filling. Both the Filling used, the doctors who are experts in the field, and the satisfaction of the customers prove that we are the best place for you, the Zen Polyclinic. Do not rely on others for your face, choose us!

How Is Nasolabial Filling Applied?

This method is done by injection. Just before the nasolabial Filling, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the procedure will be performed. Thus, the procedure will be painless. In addition to being a very short procedure, the person can continue his life after the procedure. The Filling is selected according to the structure of the lines to be filled. If the lines are less obvious, the fine Filling is used. But if the lines are too deep, using thick Fillings will give much better results. Facial structure, size, and gender are also factors in the selection of Fillings. A liquid containing hyaluronic acid is used in the nasolabial Filling. This liquid-containing Filling fills the lines with small needles.

At Zen Polyclinic, we are sure that we are the only address for nasolabial Filling. We guarantee that we are better than other trading places. Because you will have painless and effective filling with our expert hands. Let’s make you young. With the Zen Polyclinic, the size of your age or the old look of your face cannot upset you!

Curiosity Situations in Nasolabial Filling

Are There Any Bad Effects After Nasolabial Filling?

In a Filling injected into your face, it is very natural for your face to react. The nasolabial Filling does not cause too many and serious adverse effects. Effects such as mild swelling and redness are possible. Such effects are temporary, they resolve within a few days.

What are the advantages of nasolabial Filling?

  • Unlike the surgical procedure, the nasolabial Filling is less painful and faster.
  • It does not interfere with one’s life.
  • It makes the look of the face younger.
  • It refreshes the skin with the structure it contains.

Can this Filling be done continuously?

Of course, it can be repeated at certain times. Our customers can have the nasolabial Filling done once a year. Thus, you will always have the flat and smooth shape of the face and you will always look younger.

When should nasolabial Filling be done?

There is no age limit required for nasolabial Filling. At a young age, this line is not yet permanent. At the earliest, 27 years old, this adventure can begin. The nasolabial Filling is generally required by the 30s. At a later age, these lines can go too deep. The nasolabial Filling may not be enough at this time.

Will there be a problem with the Filling?

Asymmetry errors may occur in some aesthetic centers. This situation cannot even be experienced in the Zen Polyclinic! After nasolabial Filling, such views can be experienced before the Filling is fully seated. It would be best to wait for the day you will go to your doctor for a checkup. The Filling will be in place until the control day. If it is noticed that there is asymmetry on the day of the control, that error can be closed by reinjecting.

Attention After Filling!

For the nasolabial Filling applied to eliminate the lines between the mouth and nose to be effective, there are a few important points to be considered after the procedure. Situations you should pay attention to:

  1. Avoid make-up on the first day of filling. If necessary, extend this period for a few days.
  2. Do not come into contact with sea or pool water.
  3. Do not use hot water while taking a shower for at least a week.
  4. Do not enter Turkish baths or similar hot environments.
  5. If you do, avoid doing strenuous sports for a while.

Choose Zen Polyclinic!

Choose us for a completely different look and happiness! It is impossible to find the classic and the same views that appear in other practice centers in the Zen Polyclinic. Perform your nasolabial Filling professionally and with the healthiest material with a medical esthetician. Just like the asymmetry error in other application areas, there is no room for any error that is experienced in us! We take the necessary precautions for your health with our clean and hygienic polyclinic. Let the Zen Polyclinic reflect the perfect beauty to you.