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Before, hair transplant caused deep scars. However, now, with techniques like FUE there are only small scars almost invisible ones and they do not affect patient’s life.

Our surgeons will not recommend you any tiring activities for 2 to 3 weeks. You may feel itchiness on your scalp. But scratching may damage your scalp. Shampoo usage is only allowed after 3 days.

Hair Transplant does not require long recovery processes. You can resume your daily life within 2 days after the operation. Even if you experience some discomfort on the scalp, the situation will better in short amount of time. Pain killers are recommended for easing any kind of pain.

Transplanted hair definitely looks natural. Hair transplant generally is not recommended at an early age. That is the reason behind natural appearance.

Anyone who has hair loss problem can get hair transplant. However, people who does not have enough donor area cannot get the hair transplant. If you are a woman and you are experiencing hair loss aside from hormonal problems, you can get hair transplant.

Hair Transplant is a cosmetic surgery solution for baldness. Hair roots are taken out from sides or back of the head and planted on the hair loss area. Even though hairs near the plantation area fall, planted hairs are always permanent.

As Zen Polyclinic team, we are waiting all our patients for pre-consultation to inform you about treatment plans in respect to your hair loss problems. If you have any questions or would like to get more information, you can ask help from our experienced team.

If you are dealing with baldness and have hair loss problem, hair transplant would be a good idea for you. Practiced by an experienced medical doctor, hair transplant can give you the volume of your former hair.

After hair transplant, hair in the transplant area could fall in the first phase. But this is a totally normal result and hair that will grow later on will completely be permanent. Therefore within 6-8 months after the transplant you will start seeing results. However in order to see the full result you will need to wait 12-18 months.