Zen Poliklinik


Skin problems can occur periodically in both men and women. Although some of these developments due to external factors and are resolved in a brief time, some of them can permanently damage the skin. This situation can be caused by both age and external factors as we have mentioned.

There are many effective treatment methods developed for people who have problems with skin disorders, spots, or acne. The HydraFacial method, which is one of these and has been preferred by thousands of people in the last few years, is applied with leading technology. The fact that it was produced by Edge, which is presently known as the world’s largest skincare system manufacturer, has led to a little more confidence in the treatment method.

When we look at the treatment methods applied around the world, another situation that puts the HydraFacial method one step forward is that the only FDA-approved skin care device is used in this treatment.

The HydraFacial method can be employed for blemishes or acne on the skin, as well as it is frequently used to remove deformities that occur in the skin due to age. With the treatment, it is almost guaranteed that people have brighter, younger, and more beautiful skin. Hydra dermabrasion technology is additionally employed with the devices used in the treatment. Researchers in this field have heard of this technology very often, especially in skin cleansing, renewal, peeling, moisturizing, antioxidant protection therapy, and especially acne treatment.

The results obtained in this treatment, which renews the skin from the beginning to the end with a single technology application, are equally remarkable. We can say that people who regularly research and then decide to apply the treatment are satisfied with the treatment after the first session and recommend it to many people.