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Chin Filler

The chin has an essential role in beauty on people’s face shape. If you have a smaller chin, it will affect the profile balance of your face. When you think that your nose is bigger, a smaller chin can cause this thought usually. It is easy to give the best shape to your face with chin filling treatment. Age can also lead to having a smaller chin. When we get on in years, we can see some changes on our faces but you can see the great difference when you have the chin filler treatment because it will make your shapes stronger and you can have the impressive look after the treatment. At Zen Polyclinic, we provide the best and finest treatments for you with our specialists and the chin filler treatment is not a surgical operation.

Why Should You Have Chin Filler?

When you are not comfortable with the shape of your face, it is usually about the chin type you have. It can be about your age and your genetics at the same time. For the chin filling treatment, you need a real specialist to evaluate your face type and the proportion of your face. If you prefer to have this operation with a specialist who is not accomplished on this treatment, you can have unexpected disappointing results and that can show your face bigger or not impressive, so, you should be careful when you decide to have the chin filler treatment about where you have it. At Zen Polyclinic, you will not have those problems because our accomplished specialists evaluate every detail about your face before starting the chin filler treatment and we assume that you will have the best care and the best look in our polyclinic.

How Long Does the Chin Filler Treatment Take?

The chin filler treatment only takes 30 minutes. It is an extremely quick treatment. You do not need much time to have the best look. You can see the difference instantly after the treatment is finished. If you want your face to have the best shape, you can have lip filler treatment at the same time. In this way, you can have the best profile balance with quick treatments. If you are not comfortable with other areas on your face, you can have the other filler treatment that we will provide you at Zen Polyclinic.

Is the Chin Filler Treatment Painful?

Pain can show different effects on everyone because people have different types of skin and face. Usually, the chin filler treatment is not painful. There are some reasons to have the pain on the treatment. If women are on their period, they can be more sensitive than before but it is not the same for every woman. If you do not have this situation, you will not be sensitive and you can easily have the treatment with less pain. At Zen Polyclinic, we will provide the most comfortable environment for you.

After the Treatment

There is no recovery time on the chin filler treatment, so when you have this treatment, you can return to your daily life immediately after the treatment. Besides that, there can be bruising or swelling on your chin after the chin filler treatment but you do not need to worry about this because after a few hours there will not be any bruising or swelling on your chin but if you want to have other filler treatments, there can be recovery time for other treatments such as; lip filling treatment, cheek filling or nose filling treatments. We will be informing you when you have other treatments in our polyclinic.

Is there any Side Effect of the Chin Filler Treatment?  

People who do not have dermatological problems or other personal issues of their skin will not have any serious side effects on the chin filler treatment. Sometimes, there can be purple spots on the chin of people who have more sensitive skin but those purple spots are significantly small and you can camouflage them with make-up easily. If you have the purple spots, they will heal in a few days and you will not have the spots again. There can be swelling or bruising as well and they can stay on your chin for a while but not more than a few days so you can be comfortable about the chin filler treatment and you can be sure that Zen Polyclinic will provide the best care for you.

How Long Does the Chin Filler Treatment Last?

The depth of the filler placement, your skin type, and how fast your metabolism is the reasons to know the permanence of the chin filler treatment on your face. It can be changeable for everyone. Sometimes, it can stay some years on some people’s faces but some people visit us after one year at the same time. The permanency is depending on how your body works. At Zen Polyclinic, you will have the best treatment with the finest filler and our specialists will be with you on every step of the treatments.

Does the Chin Filler Treatment look natural?

At Zen Polyclinic, our specialists evaluate every detail of your face and they start the treatment after that. They do not perform the same procedure for everyone who wants to have the chin filler treatment because everyone has different face shapes. You will have the best profile balance and the most natural look at Zen Polyclinic because every treatment will be special only for your face.

The Chin Filler Treatment in Zen Polyclinic with Highest Hygiene Standards

Zen Polyclinic protects your health because it is our priority. We sterilize every area in our polyclinic and we are extremely careful to protect the hygiene at Zen Polyclinic. We follow every rule of COVID-19. You will be able to have the finest treatment with our accomplished specialists in the most hygienic environment because we disinfect all areas many times during the day and after each treatment. You can be sure that you will not have any health risks in our polyclinic.