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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows define the area between one’s eyes and forehead; while at the same time, adding a sense of charm as well. If you have entirely and partially lost your eyebrows, it means you are in search of a treatment. Eyebrow restoration is the leading method for treating eyebrows and getting them back to their initial status.

Eyebrows are the most important facial feature that one must pay attention to if they want to enhance their physical appeal and create a good impression. The eyes not only enable you to communicate your emotions with the world, but they also allow others to recognize your face. The causes of eyebrow loss are as follows:



Unnecessary plucking

Eyebrow hairs differ from hairs that are found within the rest of the body. It should be noted that facial structure and heritage affect the eyebrow type; although with age the shape of the eyebrow changes significantly.

If you have decided to undergo treatment regarding your eyebrows, we recommend getting in touch with Özel Zen Poliklinik about eyebrow restoration to find out whether or not you are a qualified candidate before adhering to simple and short-term solutions.

Once you have decided to receive treatment, the following steps are required in preparation of surgery:

Refrain from taking blood-thinning medicine.

Stay away from vegetable-based supplements, as well as, from vegetables used for thinning the blood.

Quit smoking.

Limit the intake of caffeinated beverages.

How is Eyebrow Transplant Performed?

From a technical stance, eyebrow transplant is classified as a difficult operation. It requires a reasonable amount of planning. The desired eyebrow shape should be decided prior to the operation. Since the eyebrows play a significant role in defining the frame of the face, symmetry carries a high-level of importance.

During eyebrow transplant, hair follicles are taken from donor areas - the sides and back of the head. Afterwards, they are applied at right angles using small incisions to form the desired eyebrow shape.

As a result, the removed hair follicles are implanted properly and carefully in order to complete the operation. The placement of the grafts will define how natural the eyebrow transplant will come off as. A local anesthetic is used to perform a pain-free operation.

Patients are curious about how long it will take for eyebrows to grow following the eyebrow restoration operation. Since each individual embodies a different structure, the time-frame differs. However, the process begins to take shape within 3 months and the eyebrows will take their final shape after the 7th month.


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