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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

Also known as Direct Hair Transplant, DHI is the latest technology revolutionary hair transplantation technique. As Özel Zen Poliklinik, our goal is simple and plain; to apply latest developments in hair transplantation technology in order to gain you healthy and natural looking hair. Revolutionary DHI Hair Transplant technique removes the usage of scalpel and all process is painless. After completing the process, new hairs continue growing for life time. The main purpose of this technique is to increase growing and remaining of the hair follicles.

With Direct Hair Transplant (DHI), hair graphs are planted onto the area one by one. Each hair follicle is planted with the right angle and depth to provide 100% natural results and maximum intensity with DHI’s unique tools. Minimal invasive procedure of DHI Hair Transplant is painless and the recovery process is quick. Hair growth can be seen within 2 months and full hair growth happens in 8-9 months. Planted hairs continue to grow for lifelong and they do not fall.

Direct Hair Transplant benefits many patients. Firstly, it provides 100% natural results since you are planted with your own hair. Secondly, since it is a painless procedure, bleeding is low and since it is practiced manually, it can cause a more intense hair growth. In Direct Hair Transplant, tools and needles are single use only and it provides high safety.

Today in the modern age we are living, people are picky and conscious about the way they look and their images and they choose the best if they want to achieve quality results. In this sense, DHI Hair Transplant is the most developed method.


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