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Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

Skincare is a process for cleansing and refreshing the skin. This process is routinely carried out at home as personal care, with daily and non-professional products. Medical skin care is the care and refreshing process of efficient products to solve skin problems and to be done by a specialist with a more treatment-oriented approach.

Medical skincare is a process performed by applying cleaning, pore opening, blackhead, and sebaceous gland removal, tightening, moisturizing, and recovery steps.

The first step in medical skincare is to clean the skin surface and remove dead skin and dead cells from the skin. Removal of dead cells is vital for revealing the fresh skin underneath and applying a more treatment-oriented process.

After these steps, the pores are softened and enlarged. Blackheads and oil glands are cleared from enlarged pores. This process is performed with steam so that there are no traces on the skin. Afterward, the moisturizing phase is performed by sterilizing and tightening, and medical skincare is completed.

In medical skincare, some serums are absorbed under the skin and other devices can be used for tightening. The appropriate steps are completed, and the first effect on the skin is initiated as treatment.

What are the Benefits of Medical Skin Care?

  • Skin tone is balanced.
  • Superficial Lines and spots are treated.
  • Skin oily is controlled and problems such as drying and oily are balanced.
  • The need for makeup is also drastically reduced.
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