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Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

Zen Polyclinic combines innovative technologies with an innovative perspective in beard transplantation procedures and offers you advanced imaging methods by listening to your requests in detail. With the use of the Choi implanter pen (DHI) in beard transplantation, the roots taken from the hairy area are transplanted one by one to the area where there is no beard or mustache. Beard transplantation, which will allow you to get a more masculine look, promises lasting results.

Use of DHI Method in Beard Transplantation

At Zen Polyclinic, we provide you with a natural and aesthetic result in your beard transplantation process with the Choi implanter pen, which is one of the breakthrough innovations in hair transplantation technology.

  • The DHI method consists of two stages. To begin with, your doctor collects the grafts. The preferred area at this stage is typically the nape.
  • In the second stage, grafts are implanted with a Choi implanter pen. Each graft has two or three hair follicles. In beard transplantation, the final appearance requested by the patient may vary depending on factors like the width of the donor area. In a standard procedure, 1500 to 2500 grafts are sufficient for a natural appearance.
  • The Choi implanter pen is a medical tool that assistants place the grafts in, and the doctor performs the process of channeling and placing the graft on the scalp at the same time. This tool, which has a cylindrical tip, expands areas where the hair follicle will enter in a way that minimizes tissue damage.
  • The Choi implanter pen allows the hair to be placed more frequently in beard transplantation.

Use of FUE Method in Beard Transplantation

  1. In beard transplantation, the FUE method means that each graft is placed individually in the transplantation area whose borders are determined.
  2. Before the placement process, your doctor opens microchannels on the tissue with his device with special metal blades. Upon your request, this process can also be performed with sapphire blade technology. Sapphire blade technology ensures the channels opened are in the thickness of the grafted root. In this way, tissue damage is minimized.
  3. The grafts waiting during the channel opening process in a special solution are planted by your doctor in the area related to an angle and density that will promote a natural appearance.

Are the Results of Beard Transplantation Permanent?

The results of beard transplantation procedures performed by Zen Polyclinic specialists are permanent. Following the rules that need to be considered just before and immediately after the beard transplantation and applying the care recommended by your doctor to your beard increases the efficiency of the procedure.

Zen Polyclinic Difference in Beard Transplantation

Zen Polyclinic doctors get detailed information about the result you dream of in their interviews with you and the planning of the procedure, the number of grafts needed, or the transplantation stages are determined accordingly. In the field of cosmetic applications, patient satisfaction is prioritized, and the entire process is managed accordingly.

Hygiene Precautions in Zen Polyclinic Beard Transplantation Procedures

Zen Polyclinic disinfects all medical devices required in beard transplantation before and after each use. Disinfecting not only the devices but also the examination and treatment areas allows maximum hygiene in the outpatient clinic and operation rooms.

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