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Dermapen 3

Dermapen is a skin renewal process that emerged in today’s technology. With Dermapen treatment, collagen and elastin synthesis is stimulated in the skin and the skin is renewed with little damage. Zen polyclinic specialists use the small, easy-to-use device with personalized heads. Thanks to automatic micro-needling, it opens many channels on the skin and creates small epidermal injuries on the skin. The mode of operation of this device is electric. As a result of the treatment, tissue healing begins to be seen in the skin. Thanks to the stimulated collagen synthesis, the needed synthesis of the skin are completed. Also, as the Zen Polyclinic, we use many vitamins and serums for you during your treatment process, ensuring easy absorption in your skin. Dermapen treatment is a treatment method used for beauty purposes today. Your skin will have a clean and vibrant appearance. It is also very effective in wrinkles and sagging on the face due to old age. During the treatment process that progresses with sessions, you can notice the improvement and innovation in your skin at the end of each session.

How is Dermapen 3 Treatment done at Zen Clinic?

Dermapen treatment is the process of renewing your skin. Therefore, before the procedure, make-up, etc. on your face. substances are cleared. Then, Zen Clinic opens the pores on your skin and applies ozone vapor to your face. The purpose of this application is to reach the desired comfort of the skin by opening your pores. When starting the treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied to the face so that the pain is not felt and pain is not felt during the procedure. Especially in this application, which is made with a personalized head, ” Hyaluronic Acid ” is used to create channels in the person’s skin. Thanks to the sessions, different products can be used according to the problems in your skin. We can say that 1 session of Dermapen treatment takes around 1 hour depending on the problem in your skin. Also, intermittent sessions are the right treatment for your skin.

Who Is The Dermapen Treatment Suitable For?

Dermapen application can be applied to many parts of the skin in your body. Our polyclinic will provide you with professional Dermapen treatments in many areas. Also, thanks to the meticulousness of our experts and the importance they give to hygiene, you will reach the treatment you want. That’s why we have listed the areas you can choose for Dermapen treatment for you. These are as follows:

  • The forehead area on your face
  • Under-eye bags
  • Upper lip line shapes
  • For pimples and acne scars on the cheek area on your skin
  • For the removal of cracks in the skin
  • For sagging in the neck and chest areas
  • For sagging in the chin area

For those who want these applications, a review process is made by experts first. Then, according to the suitability of your skin, the procedure and session times will be determined. At Zen Polyclinic, a meticulous and intensive process is proceeding for the satisfaction of those who want these applications.

What are the Advantages of Dermapen Treatment?

As a result of Dermapen treatment, people can have the skin and appearance they want. We would like to mention the advantages and benefits of Dermapen treatment, which is a highly preferred and admired application. We can list the advantages of Dermapen treatment as follows:

  1. With non-surgical Dermapen treatment, you can have the look you want in a short time.
  2. By stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin to your skin, it correctly triggers collagen production in your skin.
  3. By applying this treatment to the areas you want on your skin, you can achieve the necessary tightening. It is also possible to prevent cracks and sags on your skin.
  4. This Dermapen treatment is suitable especially for every skin. You can easily choose this treatment method.
  5. It is one of the easiest procedures you can choose if you want to get rid of pimples, acne spots, or acne on your skin.

What Should Be Considered After Dermapen Treatment?

During the treatment, redness or pinkness may occur on the skin as the skin is renewed with epidermal damage. These rashes are very normal during the treatment process. After your treatment, especially the sun should be avoided so that your skin is not affected by external factors. In this way, you prevent the formation of stains on your skin and your treatment will be successful.

There will also be a crusting process on your skin. In a controlled manner, the damaged tissue on your skin will go away as a crust and replace it undamaged and blemished.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dermapen

After giving you enough information about Dermapen treatment, we wanted to answer the questions you may have. That’s why we have collected and answered frequently asked questions for you. By examining, you can find out what you wonder.

Can Anyone Have Dermapen Treatment?

Dermapen treatment is a suitable treatment for every skin. Therefore, everybody can benefit from this treatment.

Is Dermapen Any Damage To The Skin?

The Dermapen process, which is done under the supervision of experts, is successful. Controls are applied before starting the treatment for your skin and there is no harm to your skin. The main purpose is to renew your skin. This allows you to benefit rather than harm. At Zen Polyclinic, we recommend you to have Dermapen treatment done by our experts. Because those who apply these non-specialist treatments can cause connective tissue damage to the skin.

Is Dermapen Treatment Temporary or Permanent?

Dermapen treatment is a permanent treatment. With this treatment, your skin is renewed and remains permanently. Your previous stains can’t come out again. But new spots may appear on your face. That’s why we recommend that you have spot protection sessions to protect your face from these new stains during the year.


What are the Session Fees in Dermapen Treatment?

Dermapen treatment is a personalized treatment. Therefore, the number of sessions and fees are determined according to the treatment required for your skin. This may also vary depending on the products used in your treatment process.