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Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Cold Lipolysis

Cold Lipolysis

Sports and diets are sometimes not successful in achieving the desired result. Successful cold lipolysis for regional slimming, which is the most preferred for a thinner appearance. In this way, excess fat is removed from the body without the need for surgery. With cold lipolysis, you can quickly and permanently get rid of excess fat and examine it. Its fast and permanent feature makes cold lipolysis the most preferred method. Reaching the physical properties you want is much easier with cold lipolysis!

It seemed strange to everyone at first to apply cold application to eliminate excess fat in the body. Cold lipolysis, whose effects are known with success on men and women, is the most comfortable procedure to eliminate regional weight. Cold lipolysis is a non-surgical method that successfully and quickly removes excess weight in areas such as the hips and waist and the established weights in your body.

Which Areas Is Cold Lipolysis For?

It is possible to apply cold lipolysis in almost all areas that come to mind when it comes to regional slimming. These areas are:

  • Hip area
  • Inner leg
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Belly area
  • Waist
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Bra bottoms

can be listed as. It is much easier to provide a clear and fast solution with cold lipolysis application in case of excess weight and fat that are not given or are very difficult to give in these areas.

How Is Cold Lipolysis Applied?

At Zen Polyclinic, our doctors who have expertise in cold lipolysis provide you with information first. Then, after talking about how to do the transaction, the trading day is set for you. Just before the procedure, the necessary gels are applied to the area to be cold lipolysis, and pads are placed. Excess fat tissue in the specified area is cooled down to -11 degrees. With the effect of this cooling, these fat cells begin to break down.

Cold lipolysis cools down all fat cells under the skin under a certain control. After cooling, the excess fatty tissue is destroyed by the body in a short time. Do not forget to contact our clinic for more information and processing times that may vary due to the areas to be made.

Does Cold Lipolysis Cause Pain?

One of the reasons why the cold lipolysis process is the most preferred method is that it does not feel any pain compared to other procedures. At the beginning of the procedure, the feeling of cold in the applied area will be somewhat evident. But then this feeling will disappear and the procedure will be completed without feeling anything until the end.

Cold Lipolysis Advantages

The cold lipolysis process has become the number one method in regional slimming with its many advantages.

  • The body becomes perfect in a short time.
  • Sagging does not occur after the procedure.
  • It can be used in all areas of the body.
  • After the procedure, it is possible to continue life from where it left off.
  • There is no healing process.
  • It is a more profitable procedure compared to surgical procedures.
  • There is no need for anesthesia.
  • It only affects the excess fat in the applied area.
  • It does not affect the nerves or muscles.

In Zen Polyclinic, you can have the cold lipolysis procedure applied by professional experts with the desired thinning and fit appearance with high quality.

After Cold Lipolysis

Cold lipolysis, which is safely applied in our clinic, helps in breaking down fat masses for regional thinning. After applying cold lipolysis, the area should be massaged. After the procedure, the person should drink more than two liters of water that day. In this way, it becomes easier for the body to remove the broken fat masses. With cold lipolysis, you can achieve the perfect result by doing the following for the first four weeks after the procedure to ensure a permanent effect.

  1. Consume plenty of water.
  2. Continue to exercise regularly.
  3. Take precautions and detoxify the kidneys and livers.
  4. Take care to sweat during sports.
  5. Keep dieting, eat healthily.

Doing all this will positively strengthen the cold lipolysis effects and increase the permanence.

Some Wondering Situations

We have prepared general situations and answers about cold lipolysis for you.

Who is the cold lipolysis procedure not recommended for?

Cold lipolysis is not applied to an area where fat removal has been performed. Cold lipolysis is not performed in a situation that continues to be pregnant or breastfeeding. This procedure is not applied and is recommended for people with kidney and liver problems.

Is cold lipolysis safe and does it have side effects?

Cryolipolysis is a safe method of regional thinning approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also one of the procedures that show body care and body shaping. As a side effect, temporary sensitivity, bruising, swelling, numbness can be observed in the treated area. Although all of them are temporary, they leave no traces in the applied area.

Will the procedure lose its effect if I gain weight after a while?

There will be no problem with excessive and uncontrolled weight gain. Because cold lipolysis is an almost permanent solution.

Cold Lipolysis in Zen Polyclinic

Zen Polyclinic, the address of expertise and professionalism, is the right place for regional thinning and regional fat shredding. Take your place in our clinic for much more about this process, which is carried out by considering hygiene and quality.

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