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Anti-Aging Vaccines

Anti-Aging Vaccines

Anti-aging vaccines are aimed at removing wrinkles on your skin due to aging. This method is used not only for wrinkles but also for the harmful effects of the sun. Thanks to this procedure, you will have a younger appearance. Thanks to these anti-aging vaccines, also known as the youth vaccine, you will give your skin shine, moisture, and flexibility. In addition, you can solve the problems that occur on your skin. Thanks to anti-aging, you will also notice that applications such as rejuvenation and beauty will become evident on your skin. Anti-aging vaccines have different types within themselves. The benefits of each vaccine will vary. You can apply to our polyclinic for more information. At Zen Polyclinic, we aim to provide you with the most professional treatment.

End Aging With Anti-Aging Vaccines

Anti-aging vaccines have different types within themselves with the rejuvenating effect they provide. The effect of each vaccine on your skin is different. You can apply to our institution to choose the vaccine that is suitable for your skin type. In this way, the vaccines will start to be applied after the most suitable procedure for you is selected. Detailed information about vaccines can be found below.

  • Youth vaccine: Youth vaccine is used to prevent aging. After the application of this vaccine, the effects on the skin begin to be seen quickly. No surgical operation is performed during this procedure. Thanks to this anti-aging vaccine provided to your skin, you will get a young and bright face. The vaccine will renew your skin by penetrating your entire face. Thus, it will cause your skin to tighten and have a healthy structure.
  • Moisture Vaccine: Moisture vaccine is preferred to prevent wrinkles in certain parts of your body. It is especially applied on the face, neck, décolleté, and back areas. In this way, it provides the necessary moisture to your skin with the acid in it. With the reduction of wrinkles in these areas, the patient can return to his daily life. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient during the procedure. It is a short procedure that takes between 15 and 25 minutes.
  • Salmon DNA Vaccine: The purpose of the salmon DNA vaccine is to renew the skin with natural methods. This vaccine contains polynucleotides taken from salmon fish. Therefore, the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin take place quickly. It is to start showing its effect immediately after the first sessions. Since it is a natural treatment method, it can be applied to everyone.
  • Collagen Vaccine: It is a vaccine applied to increase the collagen value in the skin structure. In this vaccine, the lost elasticity of the skin is restored. In addition, instead of looking pale on your skin, brightness will be provided. This vaccine is also aimed to prevent wrinkles on your skin. It is especially applied to the face, neck, and décolleté areas. This vaccine, which is injected under the skin, ends after approximately 10-15 minutes. The number of sessions is decided by your specialist doctor. This creates a plan for you.
  • H100 Vaccine: The H-100 vaccine is the preferred vaccine to increase the lifespan of your skin. Thanks to this vaccine, your face will look tense and tight. Thanks to this appearance, you will not encounter skin sagging. An effective result will be achieved thanks to the elasticity that will be provided to your skin. Especially with the stimulation of the muscle tissues in your skin, a rejuvenating effect will emerge for your skin. The number of sessions may vary according to your skin. Your specialist will decide on the number of sessions that are suitable for you.
  • Retinol Vaccine: When retinol vaccine is applied to your skin, it provides renewal and repair of your skin. It has a pure structure thanks to the vitamins it contains. Thanks to this vaccine applied to your skin, a renewal and repair process will occur to your skin. In this way, you will notice that the wrinkles on your skin will disappear. It will also help to eliminate acne on your face. The results of the vaccine will appear after the first sessions. With the formation of healthy and new cells on your skin, it will be easy to achieve the youthful appearance you want.

To benefit from these various vaccination methods, you can choose the Zen Polyclinic, which offers you professional services. In this way, you will regain your youth in this institution where you will provide the best conditions for yourself. In addition, thanks to the skin type-examination we will provide for you, you will have tried the most suitable vaccination method for yourself. Contact us to discover our institution that will provide you with a hygienic and orderly environment and to get more detailed information.

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