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Onda Coolwaves

Onda Coolwaves

Sagging of the skin, cracks and cellulite are seen in every woman regardless of age. Although nutritional habits, giving birth, and being actively involved in sports are effective in seeing these deformations, every woman has experienced this at least once. With this therapy called Onda Coolwaves, it is possible to achieve almost miraculous results even in one session. With the high-quality devices we use in the Zen Polyclinic, we perform this procedure extremely easily and painlessly.

In our polyclinic, we collect the sagging tissue on the skin, tighten the soft area and remove the cellulite area in the skin that looks like an orange peel by using cold wave therapy with the device called Onda Coolwaves.

Onda Coolwaves: How Does it Work?

Onda Coolwaves is a non-invasive, effective, and long-lasting procedure that regenerates the skin and regulates tones. It has no side effects such as pain and a red appearance. At Zen Polyclinic, we want you to know that we do our job with precision and therefore we use the latest technology devices for your satisfaction and safety.

Onda Coolwaves devices in Zen Polyclinic with microwave technology are the latest-generation therapy form used safely in dermatology and medical aesthetics. It is applied to all parts of the body to melt localized fat, especially in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, which are prone to fat. By dissolving the oils, it recovers the skin, tightens and shaping the patient to reach the desired appearance.

Patients that prefer Zen Polyclinic with the desire of regional thinning and removing fat, can observe noticeable thinning even in a single session thanks to Onda Coolwaves technology. The device has special heads and does not make people feel pain during the session with its special cooling system.

What Makes Onda Coolwaves Cold Wave Technology Different From Other Processes?

The Onda Coolwaves device we use in our clinic is designed to directly penetrate the fat cells without damaging the skin on the upper layer of the skin. By 2.45 GHz microwaves, only 20% of the energy used penetrates the upper layer of the skin, while 80% directly penetrates the fat cells and removes the unwanted appearance.

Unlike other aesthetic procedures that remove fat tissue, Onda Coolwaves therapy spreads heat from the bottom to the top. The frequency of microwaves is 1000 times faster compared to other methods and thus affects the region very quickly. In this way, the session times decrease and the procedure does not steal from the patient's time and daily life.

For more detailed information about Onda Coolwaves therapy, which is a much easier and effortless procedure than traditional methods such as liposuction, you can make an appointment with Zen Polyclinic and consult our specialists.

Onda Coolwaves: Effects on Cells and Metabolism

It helps to reshape the area by stimulating metabolic processes and collagen production, while eliminating adipose tissue, especially on the abdomen, hips, and thighs. It tightens and tones the treated area by providing new collagen production. At Zen Polyclinic, our specialists will create the most suitable treatment plan for you by taking your complaints into account and will help you reach the desired image in a short time with our advanced devices.

About Integrated Cooling System

In Zen Polyclinic, we consider the comfort of our patients as well as their health. The patient feels more comfortable with the cooling system activated during the treatment by Onda Coolwaves technology. While the microwave frequencies with heat break the fat cells the cooling system protect the patient's skin. In this way, the skin is protected, the patient's comfort is ensured, and possible side effects such as damage and burning are minimized and the procedure is applied in a healthy and safe manner.

How Many Sessions should the Onda Coolwave Therapy Take?

In the Zen polyclinic, we use Onda Coolwave therapy especially to break down fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Although the treatment processes of the people vary due to physical differences, by the microwave frequency technology, even one session is sufficient, sometimes this period can take up to 3 or more sessions. Our specialists can give clear information to the patient about the session duration after taking into account the patient's complaints and determining and analyzing regional excess, fat content, and cellulite. Onda Coolwave therapy, which is meticulously applied in our clinic, is usually arranged to be sessions every 15 days.

High Hygene Standards in Zen Polyclinic

We care about our patients satisfaction as well as health as a hygene policy at Zen Polyclinic. All devices used are developed with the latest technology and are applied by our specialist doctors with care. In order not to risk the well-being, comfort and health of our patients, we carry out our procedures meticulously and we disinfect and keep all our devices and common areas clean after each session.

Who is Onda Coolwaves Therapy Suitable for?

Onda Coolwaves therapy is a form of treatment that can be applied to people of all age groups, except for:

  • Those with heart failure,
  • Those with metal implants or pacemakers,
  • Those with severe clotting disorders,
  • Current or recent cancer patients,
  • Those with severe vascular disease,
  • Those with skin disease in the treatment area,
  • Those with uncontrolled diabetes,
  • Minors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Onda Coolwaves Treatment

We have included this part in order to answer the questions you may have in mind, we welcome you to our clinic for more detailed information and what you want to ask our specialists.

What are the Side Effects of Onda Coolwaves Treatment?

Since it is a process using cold wave technology, it does not cause problems such as redness, burning, pain in general. It is among our frequently preferred procedures as it does not prevent the patient from social life. However, it may cause mild itching, numbness, and stiffness in the applied area, albeit rarely. Less commonly, mild bruising and swelling may be seen in the area where the procedure was applied, but the symptoms disappear within a few days after treatment. This is related to the person's skin sensitivity and is normal.

Is Onda Coolwaves Treatment is Painful?

Not at all. Most people feel a slight warmth under their skin, with a feeling of cold on top. After the procedure, the underlying area can stay warm for a few more hours.

Is Onda Coolwaves Treatment Provide Lose Weight?

Unfortunately not. Onda Coolwave treatment is applied to eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite areas in people with a BMI of less than 30. It can be supported with a balanced diet and sports for better results in losing weight.

Are there Any Pre-Treatment Instructions?

During the treatment process, you should avoid applying moisturizer to the area where the procedure will be applied for 48 hours before the sessions recommended by our specialists. Coolwave technology acts faster when the treated area is dry. In addition, it is recommended that you drink 1 liter more water to your daily water consumption the day before and after the session.

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