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Led Mask

As the age progresses, the skin loses its soft, plump, and shiny appearance due to various factors. Led Mask treatment that targeting collagen production, helps the skin regain its plump and youthful appearance. In Zen Polyclinic, you can decide on which Led Mask technique your skin needs with our specialists and you can restore your skin's old glow.

Led Mask treatment is applied by using the most advanced technology devices with the assurance of our clinic. The materials we use in the Led Mask treatment, which has an important place in eliminating many problems in the skin at the same time, are of the maximum quality.

Led Mask: How Do They Work?

In Zen Polyclinic, the Led Mask application is an effortless and painless process. It does not prevent patients from their social life. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes and depending on the skin quality of the patient, the patient gets the desired appearance after approximately 10 sessions of operation. Through the information we get from various clinical studies, we know that Led Mask treatment has no known side effects on human health because it does not have radiation effects. The Led Mask treatment can be easily applied to all age groups with the assurance of our polyclinic.

What are the Skin Problems where Led Mask Treatment is Applied?

  1. Used in the treatment of chronic acne and pustule that reduce the quality of life of the patient,
  2. Applied to reduce the wrinkle appearance that occurs with the signs of aging,
  3. Helps to eliminate the spots caused by the harmful effects of the sun and the aging process,
  4. It is applied to minimize the effects of psoriasis that causes red spots and rash on the skin,
  5. It is used to eliminate swelling and edema problems that may occur for various reasons,
  6. Any patient who wants to have a younger and attractive appearance by accelerating blood circulation can benefit from this treatment. It is one of the main anti-aging treatments.

Led Mask Types

Led mask treatment, which is used to treat different skin problems, consists of red, blue, and purple lights. For a piece of more detailed information and learn about the Led Mask treatment that will give the best results for your skin, you can make an appointment with our clinic.

Led Mask Red Light Effects:

  • Collagen, a protein found naturally in the body, decreases with age. Collagen formation in the skin is increased by red light technology,
  • It gives the skin a more flexible appearance,
  • It helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkle appearance on the skin,
  • It provides recovery in chemical peeling, micro-needling, and laser applications,
  • It regulates the moisture balance of the skin,
  • Minimizes the roughness in the skin texture,
  • Equalizes skin tone and prevents the unwanted appearance,
  • Improves the view caused by harmful sun rays,
  • It restores patients the firm, fresh, healthy, and youthful appearance.

Led Mask Blue Light Effects:

  • It eliminates the appearance of acne and scabs,
  • It creates a protection shield that prevents skin damage,
  • Kills harmful bacteria that damage the skin,
  • Cleans and removes permanent skin blemishes,
  • Balances and regulates natural oils in the skin,
  • It gives a clear and fresh appearance to the skin.

Led Mask Red-Purple Light Effects:

  • Purple light technology; includes the common effects of red and blue light,
  • It eliminates the effects of swelling and edema that occur from time to time on the skin,
  • Provides a rapid recovery process for the patient after filling and botox procedures.

Who is Led Mask Treatment Suitable for?

Since Led Mask treatment has no known harmful effects, it can be easily applied to all age groups. It is an essential treatment for patients who need tissue regeneration, have acne problems, have the effects of psoriasis, and have joint and muscle pain. However, it is definitely not recommended for epilepsy patients because of the triggering lights.

You can create a detailed treatment plan by contacting your Zen Polyclinic specialist and benefit from the Led Mask technology that is suitable for your skin type.

High Hygene Standards in Zen Polyclinic

Within the framework of Zen Polyclinic hygiene standards, we determine the health of our patients as our primary priority. The devices we use are developed with the latest technology and are cleaned and disinfected after each use. Within the framework of Covid-19 precautions, our clinic is regularly ventilated and all areas and tools, and materials used are disinfected.

Frequently Asked Questions about Led Mask Treatment

We have created this section where we compile frequently asked questions about Led Mask treatment in order to eliminate the question marks in your mind and to provide you a better service.

Are Led Masks Dangerous?

Dermatologists find this treatment safe. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, there is almost no risk. Likewise, since Led Mask does not contain UV rays, it is considered a safe light therapy that will not harm your skin in the long term. Led Masks do not cause burns on your skin and do not cause any pain. For this reason, Led Mask is a light therapy that is considered safe for your skin. You can be sure that we make your health and safety our priority in the Zen Polyclinic.

However, if you have an allergic reaction on your skin or if you are using strong medications that affect the skin barrier, consult your dermatologist for the treatment.

Home Procedures in the Led Mask

Products sold under the name of Led Mask in the market are misleading and most of them are not original. The face is the most sensitive area of the skin and the slightest wrong application can irreversibly ruin your entire face. It is essential for your health to apply the Led Mask treatment in our clinic with our specialists.

What should I Expect from Led Mask Therapy?

You can see the effects on your skin even after the first session of the Led Mask treatment. The result you will get after the treatment is completed will be extremely effective and striking. Although the Led Mask treatment continues for months, it is impossible to prevent natural aging of the skin, so you may see some signs of aging again later.

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