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Duetto Mt Evo

Duetto Mt Evo

Duetto Mt Evo performs laser epilation with advanced technology. Duetto Mt Evo, which has high power, has been used since 2015. As the Zen Polyclinic, we state that Duetto Mt Evo is the most preferred laser type by patients. Duetto Mt Evo differs from other laser treatment methods by using two standard wavelengths simultaneously. These two standard wavelengths are Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd: YAG 1064 nm. Duetto Mt. Evo provides a safe hair removal treatment to suit any skin.

What is Duetto Mt Evo Laser Process?

The purpose of Duetto Mt Evo in laser treatment is to affect the hair root. Alexandra has a wavelength of 775 nm. Alexandra wavelength targets melanin. Nd Yag lasers target oxyhemoglobin and have a wavelength of 1064 nm. Therefore, using Duetto Mt Evo at two wavelengths, chromophores are stimulated at the same time. Thus, a more effective result is achieved at the hair root.

Applied Alexandra laser is the process applied to shed hair faster. Nd: Yag Laser, on the other hand, is more effective on the hairs deep in the skin. In the process performed with Duetto Mt Evo, the energy of these lasers is used by half, so the energy given to the skin is reduced and less pain is felt. With the Duetto, Mt Evo laser made by combining two lasers, very successful operations is performed in all seasons.

Preferred Laser Types in Duetto MT EVO Laser

Alexandrite is suitable for all skin types with this unique technology. The air cooling system in this device protects the skin layer epidermis and the risk of burns is eliminated. It also prevents pain during the procedure. Therefore, it is the type of laser specially chosen by the patients. Nd: YAG is a type of laser used for vascular, epilation, and skin rejuvenation. Today, it is also preferred for nail fungus treatment. These two laser types can be used alone in Duetto. But the most important feature of Duetto Mt Evo is that by selecting these two laser types consecutively, it can create a new wavelength by using two wavelengths simultaneously. With this new wavelength, the hair root is heated effectively and a much more effective result is attempted.

In Which Areas Is Duetto Mt Evo Used?

Duetto Mt Evo, which has many features, is used by Zen Clinic in many areas. At Zen Polyclinic, we strongly recommend this technology to you with the care and hygiene we provide. Also, we will provide you with the necessary service thanks to our highly professional experts. With its advanced technology and success in the field of dermatology, it has a wide range of uses. Duetto Mt Evo laze is especially preferred in the following areas:

  • In Epilation Applications
  • In vascular treatments
  • In the treatment of skin spots
  • To rejuvenate and renew your skin
  • Recently in the treatment of nail fungus

What Differentiates Duetto Mt Evo From Other Types of Laser

With the Duetto Mt Evo provided by the Zen Polyclinic, we can use laser types alone if you wish. We also offer a more effective treatment method by using two lasers simultaneously to create a new wavelength for you. Laser types vary according to your preference and process conditions.

Treatment of Duetto Mt Evo in Veins

Duetto MT Evo laser is very effective in the treatment of deep lesions in the veins with its painless and painless treatment method. The treatment is continued by using Alexandra and Nd: Yag Laser wavelengths sequentially. Alexandrite, which hits the problematic vein first with the lasers used sequentially, turns oxyhemoglobin into methemoglobin, which means darkening of the blood color.

With its conversion to methemoglobin, it is absorbed faster and more than laser oxyhemoglobin. With the darkening of the blood, the Nd: Yag Laser is applied to the patient in a short time, as the vein will warm more. Thanks to this warming phase, the pain caused by Nd: Yag Laser will be eliminated.

With the Duetto, Mt Evo laser, much more effective results are obtained in the veins. At Zen Polyclinic, we guarantee that you will have a treatment that you will be satisfied with this laser type. Duetto Mt Evo laser, which has been prepared with advanced technology, provides a safe treatment process for patients as it can operate using the doses and wavelengths you want.

Duetto Mt Evo laser is also used in the following processes:

  • In rejuvenating your skin
  • Onychomycosis
  • Atrophic Scar

In these procedures, Duetto Mt Evo, which offers the fastest process compared to other laser types, will provide you with the treatment you want.

Why Should You Choose Zen Polyclinic?

At Zen Polyclinic, we take great care of your health with the hygienic and clean environment we provide for you. Also, we strive to give you the safest treatment by choosing high-technology products. Our experts will find the right treatment for you, as they have a highly professional and meticulous structure. We take great care of your discomfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process. We avoid applying treatment methods that you are not satisfied with. We take care to do everything in a way that works for you. Therefore, you can believe that we are one of the best polyclinics to be preferred for your treatments and we would be very pleased to see you among us.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Duetto Mt Evo

As the Zen Polyclinic, we have given you all the information about Duetto Mt Evo in detail. Now we have created a question and answer section to answer your questions. We highly recommend your review.

What Are The Advantages of Duetto Mt Evo?

With Duetto Mt Evo, you will have the opportunity to have year-round hair removal. Also, you can easily get your treatment done with the laser shape suitable for every skin type. If you have light hairs, you can easily get rid of those hairs with this laser. Finally, with this laser, you will not see new hairs later. We assure your satisfaction.

How Are The Prices of Duetto Mt Evo Determined?

The Duetto Mt Evo laser differs in the form of treatment according to your problem. Therefore, the fees vary depending on your skin type and the process and sessions of the procedure.

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