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Duetto Mt Evo

The application called Duetto Mt Evo is actually a different type of laser devices. It is possible to achieve 100% successful results in applications with this laser device. It is as if this device can affect even the yellow and gray colored hairs. Duetto Mt evo laser device, which has a stronger system compared to other laser devices, is preferred because of its successful results in a short time.

This device, which has a different system compared to other laser devices, is a painless laser system without the risk of burns. In previous years, in laser epilation applications, burns could occur in the areas where the application was made. Of course, it should not be forgotten that although this is all about the person and clinic performing the laser application, the device may also pose a risk of burns.

What is the Difference of Duetto Mt Evo Laser Application from Other Lasers?

As it is known, the laser system called Duetto Mt Evo has a more powerful system and it is possible to get results faster than other laser devices. It is different from the combined laser systems available in the market. During epilation, two wavelength shots can be shot both in one shot and in combination in succession to reach the hair follicles better. Thus, the hair follicles will be warmed better and more effective results will be obtained. With this laser application, the risk of burns is eliminated. With the air cooling system in the device, a painless and painless comfortable epilation is applied to the person.

Which Skin Diseases Does Duetto Mt Evo Laser Provide for Healing?

The laser device called Duetto Mt Evo provides rapid recovery of many ailments on the skin. It is effective in reducing the following diseases:

  • In vascular treatments
  • Red spots on the sun and skin
  • In whole body hair removal applications
  • Skin rejuvenation

It is a very effective laser device in the treatment of all skin conditions and also in epilation applications, even in the lightest hair.

How is Vascular Vascular Treatment Performed with Duetto Mt Evo Device?

Vein and varicose veins treatments are performed by our specialist doctor in our clinic using the laser device called Duetto mt evo. You can get detailed information about all the procedures we apply by coming to our clinic. People who come to our clinic sometimes want to have some procedures they hear hearsay. Of course, it is a decision of the person and we can direct different devices according to the skin and hair structure of the person by our experts.

Successful results are obtained in the vascular treatments we have done with the laser device. In this process, the laser beam coagulates the blood by heating it and the vessels are erased like an eraser. Since this discomfort is caused by the circulatory disorder in the person, varicose veins may occur in a different part, if not from the same place, after a few years.

Advantages of Duetto Mt Evo Laser Device

With this laser device, you can have epilation in all seasons of the year, and you can get successful results even with light hair. It is preferred because it does not have side effects such as hair growth when applied to the face area.


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