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Hair Growth Factor

Hair Growth Factor

Hair needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to grow faster, to produce new hair strands, and to grow healthily. Hair loss, slow growth, fragile and thin hair can cause weak hair that is not satisfying with its aesthetic appearance.

Zen Polyclinic helps to improve the weak and thin appearance of the hair with its innovative Hair Growth Factor treatment. Hair Growth Factor treatment, which is preferred especially by people who complain about the rough hair-like appearance of their hair, who want to have thicker, durable, and dense hair, is performed by using special microneedles applied to the scalp.

Innovative Solutions of Zen Polyclinic in Hair Growth Factor Treatment

Zen Polyclinic takes care that its qualified staff uses the latest devices and technologies in medical applications. Special micro-needles plied in Hair Growth Factor treatments allow the patient's scalp and hair to inject mixtures containing nutritious materials directly into the tissue. Thanks to microneedles, tissue damage is minimized and the efficiency to be obtained because of the procedure is maximized.

Utilizing needles with a length of 0.8 millimeters, small micro-channels are opened on the scalp. Thanks to these channels, growth factors are injected into the scalp and the components that directly contact the hair follicles reveal a stronger hair performance in a brief time.

There are 33 numerous growth factors in the special cure that Zen Polyclinic specialists apply to your hair through the channels opened. Growth factors, which come into direct contact with the scalp and hair follicles, improve many parameters from hair growth rate to hair durability.

How Long Do Hair Growth Factor Treatments Take?

One session of Hair Growth Factor treatment, performed by the Zen Polyclinic in the presence of specialist doctors, takes approximately 15 minutes. Your doctor develops a special plan for you regarding the number and distribution of sessions depending on the condition of your hair, the sensitivity of your scalp, and the medications you use. The number of sessions may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Hair quality (length, thickness, and durability of hair),
  • The sex of the patient,
  • The intensity of the hair loss problem experienced by the patient.

Typically, you can witness the results of Hair Growth Factor Treatments after a few sessions of application. Many patients report that the effects are noticeable with the 4th session. The reduction of hair loss, faster hair growth, and similar effects become the most intense with the last session.

Zen Polyclinic Hygiene Measures in Hair Growth Factor Treatments

Zen Polyclinic applies advanced hygiene standards to maintain your health, as well as working with specialist doctors and the latest medical devices. Thanks to the sterilization and disinfection processes increased within the framework of COVID-19 measures, every stage of your Hair Growth Factor treatment is completed safely.

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