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FDA approved, latest technology devices accepted in the world for skin problems are in Zen!


Our institution Zen Polyclinic serves you with fully equipped technological devices during this process.


Soprano Ice Platinum

Soprano Ice Platinum. Most of aesthetic laser treatments aim to get rid of the unwanted hair of the clients.


Q Switch Laser

Q Switchlaser is used to treat unwanted brown spots, sunspots, freckles, or tattoos. The laser energy pulse, which is one-billionth of a second, breaks up the pigment.


Plexr Plus

The eyes are one of the parts on the skin that show the most fatigue and aging.


Onda Coolwaves

Sagging of the skin, cracks and cellulite are seen in every woman regardless of age.


HydraFacial Technology

In these times, only new-generation devices make the deep cleansing needed by the skin possible in skincare.



Hi-q is a new technology for those who care about the beauty of their skin and want their skin to look well-groomed.



Eximia Cavitation is a non-surgical regional slimming procedure. At Zen Polyclinic, we stimulate your subcutaneous adipose tissue by sending different ultrasound waves with Eximia.


Duetto Mt Evo

The application called Duetto Mt Evo is actually a different type of laser devices. It is possible to achieve 100% successful results in applications with this laser device



Dermapen3 is a skin rejuvenation application applied in sessions to tighten the opened pores on the skin and to eliminate the tonal differences on the skin.


French Lift

French lift is one of the facelift techniques. This method, which can eliminate problems such as sagging, wrinkles, or loosening on the skin in a short time, was developed in France and practiced with a device made of silicone materials on the outside and polyester on the inside


Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment to make your skin look younger, firmer, and aesthetic,


Babyface Laser

The Babyface laser is an FDA-approved laser device that contains 1927nm Thulium laser technology, which is highly effective in both skin rejuvenation and spot treatment.



As the age progresses, the skin loses its soft, plump, and shiny appearance due to various factors



Babyface laser

The Babyface laser is an FDA-approved laser device that contains 1927nm Thulium laser technology, which is highly effective in both skin rejuvenation and spot treatment. In this application, micro-channels with a diameter of 100 microns are opened on the skin with laser beams. In addition, according to the problem of the patient, selected by experts;

  • C vitamin
  • Retinol
  • Tranexamic acid
  • Resveratrol
  • Nano particle Lasemd ampoules containing stem cells

it is penetrated into the skin. In this way, besides the effect of laser beams, the antioxidant, antiaging and illuminating - brightening effects of the products used are also reflected on the skin.

Differences Between Babyface Laser and Other Lasers Babyface laser application includes some differences compared to other laser types with its features and many advantages it offers. In addition to being a state-of-the-art device, it has an important place in skin renewal and removal of spots. It also shows its effects after the first application and reveals its difference. Now, what is the difference of the babyface laser from other lasers? Let's take a closer look.

  • Babyface laser application is above all a short-term laser treatment. The processes are completed in approximately 7 to 10 minutes.
  • In addition, with a painless application, anesthesia is never needed.
  • A short-term rash occurs after the application, but this does not affect the daily life of the person. After the session, the person can return to his daily social life.
  • Besides, there is no need for any special care after the application.
  • The Babyface laser is suitable for all skin types and can be used without any problems.
  • In addition to these, it is possible to apply in all seasons regardless of summer or winter.
  • The ideal environment is provided by the full absorption of the dermocosmetics used during the application, especially the effect of the laser, and thus a rapid and balanced recovery occurs in the skin from the inside out.

How Many Sessions Is Babyface Laser Applied? When deciding on the number of sessions, first of all, the problem in the person's skin is fully analyzed. Accordingly, an average of 3 or 4 sessions are applied at 2-week intervals. In addition, it is possible to see very effective results in babyface laser application even after a single session.

Which Skin Treatments Can Be Performed With Babyface Laser? Babyface laser application is suitable for all skin types and can be applied safely at any time of the year. In addition to being a short-term laser treatment, it is a painless and painless application. Thanks to the advanced mode of this laser;

  • Cosmeceutical release
  • Skin color and texture improvement
  • Alleviating pigmented scars


It is possible to find solutions to different skin problems such as. In addition to these, many different treatments such as spot treatment, skin lightening, antioxidant skin care, decollete care, hand care, melasma, neck rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation can also be performed with babyface laser.

Dermapen3 is a skin rejuvenation application applied in sessions to tighten the opened pores on the skin and to eliminate the tonal differences on the skin. Dermapen is usually sufficient to eliminate the problems on the skin in 3 sessions. Therefore, it is known as Dermapen3. In some cases, this number of sessions can be up to 6. In this application, the spots on the skin caused by the sun will be removed and it will give the skin a more energetic and youthful appearance.

How is Dermapen applied to the skin?

We apply the application we call Demapen after analyzing the skin types of the people. How many sessions will be taken by our specialist doctors and we can increase the session application upon the person's need. We do this for an hour on average on the areas of the person with acne and pore problems. Before the procedure, we apply the cream containing anesthesia to the person's skin in order not to feel any pain and for the comfort of the person. This process is based on the opening of the skin channels of the upper layer of the skin by means of micro needles. The skin, which tries to heal the damage caused by the opening of these channels, will also eliminate other skin problems.

How Long Are Dermapen Sessions?

In Dermapen application, sessions are usually applied for 3 months. We practice one session a month. And we can increase the number of sessions completely according to the person's skin structure and problems. Shortening the duration of the session, that is, asking it to be in 15 days, does not provide any additional benefit on the skin for the process, which takes up to an hour for each session. Because a period of one month is required for the skin to recover.

What are the Advantages of Dermapen Application?

They have informed us that when we apply the Dermapen application to people with skin problems, they are satisfied with the result and have an advantage in every aspect. The advantages of this application are as follows:

  • New vascular development is provided.
  • It provides a significant tightening of the person's skin by eliminating the fine lines that occur.
  • It removes acne spots.
  • It removes the spots on the skin.
  • It stimulates collagen production.
  • They collect the sagging of the skin.

Since this method is a skin rejuvenation procedure performed without the need for surgery, it is preferred by many people. In addition, improvement is seen in a short time.

Is There Any Harm to Dermapen Application?

Generally, such an anxiety occurs in people about the Dermapen procedure. However, this application by specialist doctors has no side effects and harm. It is extremely important that it is applied only by the clinic and specialist doctor where the procedure is performed. In this way, you will not encounter problems such as burns and scars on your skin. So much so that if this process is not performed by a specialist, the elasticity texture of the skin may be damaged. You can come to our clinic and get information about all these aesthetic procedures and visit our center. All of our procedures are decided by experts in their fields by making skin analyzes of the individuals. Who Should Not Apply Dermapen?

This procedure cannot be applied to people undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Duetto Mt Evo

The application called Duetto Mt Evo is actually a different type of laser devices. It is possible to achieve 100% successful results in applications with this laser device. It is as if this device can affect even the yellow and gray colored hairs. Duetto Mt evo laser device, which has a stronger system compared to other laser devices, is preferred because of its successful results in a short time.

This device, which has a different system compared to other laser devices, is a painless laser system without the risk of burns. In previous years, in laser epilation applications, burns could occur in the areas where the application was made. Of course, it should not be forgotten that although this is all about the person and clinic performing the laser application, the device may also pose a risk of burns.

What is the Difference of Duetto Mt Evo Laser Application from Other Lasers?

As it is known, the laser system called Duetto Mt Evo has a more powerful system and it is possible to get results faster than other laser devices. It is different from the combined laser systems available in the market. During epilation, two wavelength shots can be shot both in one shot and in combination in succession to reach the hair follicles better. Thus, the hair follicles will be warmed better and more effective results will be obtained. With this laser application, the risk of burns is eliminated. With the air cooling system in the device, a painless and painless comfortable epilation is applied to the person.

Which Skin Diseases Does Duetto Mt Evo Laser Provide for Healing?

The laser device called Duetto Mt Evo provides rapid recovery of many ailments on the skin. It is effective in reducing the following diseases:

  • In vascular treatments
  • Red spots on the sun and skin
  • In whole body hair removal applications
  • Skin rejuvenation

It is a very effective laser device in the treatment of all skin conditions and also in epilation applications, even in the lightest hair.

How is Vascular Vascular Treatment Performed with Duetto Mt Evo Device?

Vein and varicose veins treatments are performed by our specialist doctor in our clinic using the laser device called Duetto mt evo. You can get detailed information about all the procedures we apply by coming to our clinic. People who come to our clinic sometimes want to have some procedures they hear hearsay. Of course, it is a decision of the person and we can direct different devices according to the skin and hair structure of the person by our experts.

Successful results are obtained in the vascular treatments we have done with the laser device. In this process, the laser beam coagulates the blood by heating it and the vessels are erased like an eraser. Since this discomfort is caused by the circulatory disorder in the person, varicose veins may occur in a different part, if not from the same place, after a few years.

Advantages of Duetto Mt Evo Laser Device

With this laser device, you can have epilation in all seasons of the year, and you can get successful results even with light hair. It is preferred because it does not have side effects such as hair growth when applied to the face area.