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Plexr Plus

The eyes are one of the parts on the skin that show the most fatigue and aging. The device called Plexr Plus, which is used especially in the treatment of the eye and forehead area, has been developed to remove stains and wrinkles that make the person tired and pale without any surgical procedure. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, no scalpel or laser is used. In the Plexr treatment, a plasma arc is created in the area to instantly stimulate the skin and tighten it. At Zen Polyclinic, we work attentively with our specialists and we closely follow the plasma technology in order to serve you better with our advanced technological devices.

With the Plexr Plus treatment applied using plasma energy in our clinic, the eye area of the patient is completely renewed. Plexr Plus treatment, which is a new and miraculous procedure, is called the fourth state of the matter to plasma energy in the treatment, that is, it is possible to renew the patient’s eye area without pain with a process that works entirely with air.

Plexr Plus: How Do They Work?

Plexr Plus treatment has a special device, the problematic area on the surface of the skin turns into plasma energy, in other words, ionic gases by this device. In this way, the problematic surface is evaporated. The skin begins to renew itself with the removal of the problematic area. This treatment, which is applied especially around the problematic eye area, gives very successful results with our expert doctors and advanced technological devices in the Zen Polyclinic.

In Which Areas is Plexr Plus Effective?

Plexr plus is suitable for patients suffering from certain defects and avoiding surgical procedures. The parts and conditions where the Plexr Plus treatment can be applied effectively are as follows:

  • Eyelid rejuvenation,
  • Eye contour rejuvenation,
  • Spots and blisters on the eyelid,
  • It is used to reduce acne scars,
  • Remove warts,
  • With the aim of reducing stain accidents and scars,
  • It is applied to reduce the wrinkle appearance on the lips.

Why Should I Choose Plexr Plus Treatment?

Thanks to Plexr Plus treatment, which is extremely simple and comfortable to apply, you can have brand new skin without sacrificing your own comfort. With our expert team and high-quality devices in our clinic, you can achieve a healthy and youthful appearance with almost zero side effects, painlessly and effortlessly. One of the reasons why Plexr Plus treatment is so preferred is that it does not require a rest period after the application.

How Many Sessions does Plexr Plus Treatment Take?

The number of sessions of Plexr Plus treatment, which is generally used in the treatment of the eye area, may increase or decrease depending on the patient’s skin problems. Treatment can usually vary from 1 to 4 sessions. You can make an appointment with our clinic to discuss the surface you want to repair with your specialist doctor and create a detailed treatment plan.

Plexr Plus Treatment Process

Your Zen Polyclinic doctor will examine you to test whether you are suitable for Plexr Plus treatment. After it is decided that you are suitable for treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied to the area where the procedure will be applied. The expected treatment times for the parts may vary from person to person. Your Zen Polyclinic specialist will inform you about the rules you have to follow after treatment. You should keep the treated area clean, dry and away from sunlight and direct heat sources for 30 days.

What are the Benefits of Plexr Plus Treatment?

Plexr Plus is an effective treatment for excess skin and fine lines. The treatment can be pre-applied to any skin type. Due to process does not include such as cutting the skin or stitches, it provides a faster healing time. You can make an appointment to your Zen Polyclinic specialist for get a more pieces of information about the procedure and prepare a treatment plan.

Since it is an easier and effortless treatment it is generally preferred as an excellent option for those who are not ready for eyelid surgery.

High Hygene Standards in Zen Polyclinic

As Zen Polyclinic family, we use the latest technology substances in our materials and we take care that our technological devices are of maximum high quality. Together with our expert staff, we implement each process with the same care and diligence. The health of our patients is important to us, so we want you to know that all devices and areas used before and after each session are cleaned and disinfected.