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Soprano Ice Platinum

Soprano Ice Platinum

Most of the aesthetic laser treatments aim to get rid of the unwanted hair of the clients. Zen Polyclinic follows the development of medical technologies at an international level and provides its patients the opportunity to be treated with the most innovative methods. Soprano Ice Platinum, one of the advanced tools we use in medical processes, offers satisfactory results after regular sessions thanks to its special technology with three wavelengths and its effective activity on different skin and hair types.

What are the Advantages of the Soprano Ice Platinum Method?

Zen Polyclinic, which follows the most recent technologies in skincare and aesthetics, offers the following advantages to those who want to get rid of unwanted hair with the modern generation Soprano Ice Platinum device:

  • Painless ICE Technology: Soprano Ice Platinum device provides hair removal technology at -3 degrees. Combining with cooled skin, SHR application makes it possible to essentially eliminate the pain experienced in laser epilation. Furthermore, the risk of burn marks in laser epilation has been minimized in Soprano Ice Platinum.
  • Technology Suitable for All Body Areas: Soprano Ice Platinum, which can be used in both hard-to-reach and extra sensitive body parts, aims to offer maximum performance. The special facial apparatus used in sensitive and reddening areas such as the face helps you experience a more efficient and safe epilation process.
  • Proven Performance on All Skin Types: The revolutionary Soprano Ice Platinum device used by Zen Polyclinic specialists is designed to obtain the most pleasing results not only on thick and dark hair but also on thin and blond hair. Therefore, the efficiency you will attain from the epilation process has been maximized.
  • Fast Operational Chance: The duration of the treatment varies depending on the coverage area and course of the treatment. The head of the Soprano Ice Platinum device used by the Zen Polyclinic has an extremely broad scanning area. In this way, even epilation procedures performed in large areas are completed rapidly.
  • Low Sensitivity: Traditional laser hair removal methods cause the skin exposed to the sun to present various complications. The Soprano Ice Platinum device used by the Zen Polyclinic can be used in all seasons. You can safely choose this technology, which generates a reduced sensitivity, in every period, including summer months when sun exposure is high.
  • It Does Not Require A Special Time for Recovery: The Soprano Ice Platinum device does not require an extra healing process even in patients with high tissue sensitivity. In this way, patients can undoubtedly pursue their daily lives after the sessions.

What are the three Wavelengths in the Soprano Ice Platinum Method?

Soprano Ice Platinum, the special epilation technology used by the Zen Polyclinic, performs hair removal with three different wavelengths.

  1. 755 nm Alexandrite Wavelength: It is possible to realize epilation by detecting thick hairs with dark color by the device with Alexandrite Wavelength. There are three fundamental anatomical structures in a hair follicle. These are called bulge, bulb, and papillae. The 755 nm Alexandrite Wavelength aims to stop hair growth by creating as much damage as possible in the anatomical area of ​​the hair called "bulge." This wavelength is absorbed by the melanin chlorophyll in the hair, and this absorption allows the wavelength to directly target the hair in question. Melanin chlorophyll is the substance that gives hair its dark color.
  2. Diode Wavelength of 810 nm: Diode wavelength is used to easily detect the hairs on dark skin and to be destroyed within the epilation. The 810 nanometers target two basic anatomical structures of the bristle: bulb and bulge. The wavelength, which offers excellent performance in both narrow and wide areas, repeats very quickly, therefore preventing the formation of sensitivity by ensuring the epilation process to be completed in a short time. The 810-nm diode wavelength is used not only in large and low sensitivity areas such as armpits and legs but also in cheek and face areas.
  3. 1064 nm Nd: YAG Wavelength: Aiming for those with bronze skin to achieve maximum efficiency from the epilation process, the 1064 nm Nd: YAG Wavelength is used in anatomical areas where the hair root continues to deep points. For example, the hairs in the back or groin areas are called "deep-seated areas" where access to the roots is more difficult. The new generation Soprano Ice Platinum technology, which will be used by Zen Polyclinic specialists, makes it possible to apply the fast, painless, and permanent effective laser in these areas.

Zen Polyclinic Difference in Soprano Ice Platinum Procedure

Zen Polyclinic's experts in beauty procedures determine the intensity and number of sessions specifically for you so that the device can provide maximum efficiency. You will not suffer during this process, completed without side effects. Within the framework of maximum hygiene philosophy, our devices and treatment areas, disinfected every day and before and after each use, provide you with maximum confidence. All our expert estheticians in their field are professionals who have managed Soprano Ice Platinum technology many times.

How many sessions does epilation require with Soprano Ice Platinum?

The number of sessions required is determined by our beauticians depending on the following factors:

  1. The area you want to epilate (leg, groin, armpit, upper lip, face, back, chest, etc.)
  2. The structure of your body hair and your skin color
  3. The durability of your body hair

A single session requires approximately 15 minutes. This period may be much less in minor areas such as the upper lip. It is recommended to repeat the sessions 6 to 8 times on average. For more extensive information, you can consult Zen Polyclinic experts.

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