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Q Switch Laser

Q Switch Laser

Q Switchlaser is used to treat unwanted brown spots, sunspots, freckles, or tattoos. The laser energy pulse, which is one-billionth of a second, breaks up the pigment. Thus, they can be naturally destroyed by the body's scavenger cells (macrophages).

How Do I Know If I Need This Treatment?

Q Switchlaser is a suitable treatment if you have large or small spots that you want to get rid of. We emphasize that this treatment is best for removing just a few spots. If you have lots of spots, then you can benefit from other laser treatments we offer at the Private Zen Polyclinic. Q Switch is also effective against sunspots on the chest, arms, or legs. Q Switchlaser is not suitable for pregnant women. Depending on the type and depth of the spot, it can be practiced alone or can be combined with fractional laser and ndyag lasers.

Carbon Peeling with Q Switchlaser Practice

You can get rid of excess oil on your skin and fine hairs and enlarged pores that cannot be treated with traditional hair removal lasers with this application. Your pores are completely filled with a special medical carbon cream applied in advance and the oil and dirt that the carbon adheres to are instantly removed from your skin with laser light exposure over the dried carbon. If necessary, with an accompanying special calibration, skin bleaching can be achieved with angel "whitening" on dark skin and your pores can look much smaller than they are with "skin toning" application.

Hair Bleaching with Q Switchlaser 

You may have hair with different characters on your body. While some of these are thick enough to remove with laser epilation, some of them may be too light or thin to not be treated with laser epilation. Today, it is possible to treat such thin hair with Switchlaser while there was no other option other than traditional depilatory procedures in the past (such as wax, thread, tweezers, epilation devices). The goal here is not full removal of the hair but bleaching its color and making it thin enough to not be seen at all.

This procedure can be applied on any part of the body, especially in facial areas such as sideburns, cheekbones, and upper lip and in body areas such as between the breasts, navel line, fine arm hair, and hand hair (It is preferred a lot by especially young patients in adolescence since it is a very reliable method).

Tattoo Removal with Q Switchlaser

A preliminary examination is made for tattoo removal with Q Switchlaser to check whether the tattoo was performed by a professional, its age, dye quality, and color. Laser energy corrects skin pigmentation and reduces the appearance of spots. The discomfort is significantly reduced by a stream of cold air directed at the spots during treatment. We always numb the area before the tattoo removal to let the patient feel comfortable during the procedure without any anesthesia.

Q Switchlaser treatment may be combined with fractional laser depending on the age and type of the tattoo and the quality of the dye. This will be determined by the specialist physician in the preliminary examination.

What Happens After the Treatment?

Redness, burning, and stinging sensations may occur in the area after Q Switchlaser spot treatment. This will disappear in 30 minutes. In general, 8-12 sessions are recommended at 15-day intervals in spot treatments.

There will be no problems in terms of appearance or sensation after hair bleaching. The session intervals for hair bleaching are generally between 1 and 1.5 months.

There may be bleeding during the procedure and blistering or crusting in the following weeks after the tattoo removal. Following the prescription recommended by your doctor after tattoo removal increases the success of the treatment. The tattoo removal session intervals are 1.5 months. There may be the risk of scar formation for more frequent tattoo removal sessions.

Please contact our professional team and get your appointment to learn more about Q Switchlaser device practices.

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