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Regional fat is one of the most common things that people are not comfortable with. The undesirable fat on different parts of the body might change the proportion of your body. Usually, some exercise methods and diets are not enough to have a more shaped and balanced body but with our Emslim treatment, you will be able to have your dream body at the same time we enhance the time of losing weight.

The Emslim treatment is applied by a special device that is powered by electromagnetic technology and is also known as an intense muscle stimulator as well. By using the Emslim application, we are expecting a strong cardio training effect on your body which area we applied. If you would like to know more about the special Emslim device, we shared beneficial information with you.

Everyone deserves to have a better shaped and balanced body. If you are ready to have your dream body, do not lose time! You can directly contact us to make an appointment right now!

What is Emslim Device?

Emslim device is powered by electromagnetic technology which stimulates the muscles on your body in the applicated area. Emslim device is providing intense fat burning and the duration of the application is about 30 minutes. When you have the Emslim treatment, your body will lose the same fat as you do 20,000 sit-ups or intense cardio training. Normally, people are not able to do extremely intense cardio training or 20,000 sit-ups in a day but by Emslim device, you will be able to achieve that. For these reasons, the Emslim device is also known as a body shaping device with the latest technology.

Why is Emslim Device More Beneficial than Other Regional Weight Loss Treatments?

On the Emslim device, HI – EMT technology. While this technology is providing you to lose regional fat on your body, it also protects your muscles at the same time. When you have the Emslim treatment, you will be able to have stronger muscles and this reason is one of the biggest differences between Emslim and other regional fat loss treatments.

In addition to the effective technology, the Emslim device also has an effective cooling system. Most of the devices do not offer this advantage for those who would like to lose regional fat and this factor makes the Emslim device more beneficial than other methods. The cooling system that the Emslim device is more beneficial for the body and muscles at the same time.

Also, the Emslim device is not only used for those who would like to lose weight, most people prefer to have Emslim treatment to make the determined area stronger and more balanced as well.

Why Should You Have Emslim Application in Zen Polyclinic?

As Zen Polyclinic, the health and the happiness of our patients are our priorities. We apply the Emslim treatment in the most sterilized and disinfected area. Before the treatment, our experienced specialists are evaluating your body and decide on the most effective and appropriate treatment which is more suitable for your body. We determine everything intensely individually when you visit our polyclinic.

Emslim application in Zen Polyclinic is providing you with many different benefits. We listed some of the most significant advantages of having Emslim treatment below.

  • Emslim application is significantly effective to burn fat on your body and regional fat loss.
  • The treatment is applied according to conditions of your body individually for different muscle groups.
  • Unless the other treatments and devices, Emslim device is offering you to make your muscles stronger. For this reason, most people prefer to have Emslim treatment to have a more shaped and balanced body. You do not need to have an Emslim application only for losing weight.
  • Emslim application is also providing regional blood circulation which is significantly essential for body shape. Especially for women, Emslim treatment is reducing the level of cellulite on the hip area.
  • As we mentioned above, when you have the Emslim treatment, it will be the same as intense training. For this reason, Emslim treatment is supporting the lymph drainage system.

If you need any questions about the Emslim treatment or have questions for us, you can contact us and make an appointment instantly. Our experienced and successful specialists are ready to guide you anytime!

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