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Skin Care

Pumpkin Skin Care

Pumpkin Skin Care

Pumpkin Peel Skin Care offers you a new generation, organic and refreshing care, unlike non-organic ingredients that tire your skin barrier. Zen Polyclinic provides you the opportunity to renew and care for your skin at the same time with this powerful skincare cure prepared by using the content of organic pumpkin substance.

What is Pumpkin Skin Care?

Pumpkin Peel Skin Care, which has been preferred by women in recent years, employs the refreshing and regenerating effect of a pumpkin-based mask applied directly to the face. The skincare process proceeds as follows.

Skin Cleansing Stage

First, the expert esthetician of Zen Polyclinic cleanses your skin deeply to apply the Pumpkin Peel Skin Care cure. It is extremely significant that the products are in foam, gel, or other forms used in the cleaning phase are suitable for your skin structure and that your skin is ready to regenerate and get all the benefits of the mask. Various cleaning products are used for dry, oily, sensitive, and atopic skin.

Skin Massage Stage

Before starting Pumpkin Peel Skin Care, facial massage is performed to increase the blood circulation in your face area and remove the dead skin in your face, especially around the chin and nose. This massage, which is ordinarily done from the bottom up, increases your blood circulation in a brief time.

Pumpkin Peel Mask Application

The last step of Pumpkin Peel Skin Care is to apply a mask cure made from organic pumpkin to the skin and leave the cure on the skin surface for about 10 minutes. The effects of the pumpkin mask can be observed instantly, and the rapid shine on the skin is immediately noticed.

What Are the Benefits of Pumpkin Skin Care?

  1. It helps to remove crusting and dryness on your skin, especially in winter and autumn.
  2. It allows the opening of thin lines caused by dryness and lack of moisture on the skin.
  3. It is effective in acne problems as it enables the pores to be opened and cleaned.
  4. By supporting skin renewal, it supports a younger skin appearance in the long term.

Professional Pumpkin Skin Care at Zen Polyclinic

Skin aesthetics can only be entrusted to professionals who appreciate skin health. Zen Polyclinic's expert staff offers a professional skincare routine with organic and high-quality care materials at maximum hygiene standards. Completed in less than half an hour, this skincare service appeals to anyone who wants rapid results and glowing skin. You can acquire more information by calling our polyclinic right away and make an appointment for Pumpkin Peel Skin Care.

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