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What is Genosys Skin Care?

What is Genosys Skin Care?

Skin Care and Anti-Aging treatments are carried out with special care applications made with Genisys products that have no chemicals. In this application, which will be carried out by experts, the skin analysis of the person is done first and how the maintenance and repair stages are determined according to the skin type.

With Genoysys products, we can transfer the stages of special care to you as follows.

Herbal peeling is applied in order to purify the skin from dead cells and ensure cell renewal.

Steam treatment is applied to open the pores of the skin.

The skin, whose pores are opened by vacuum or trichometric methods, is purified from black spots.

After the skin cleansing process is passed through this stage, the skin reaches a high degree of revival and brightness.

After your skin is cleaned and revitalized, serums, ampoules and iontofezer suitable for your skin type are used.

All the above dermocosmetic products are applied to your face with massage.

Finally, the application of a mask suitable for the skin type of the person is performed.

The mask applied to the skin should be cleaned and tonic With the help of the pores are compressed.

Special care ends with applying moisturizing creams suitable for the skin type and massaging.

Thus, both your skin is revitalized, renewed and relaxed.

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