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Spot Treatments

Spot Treatments

Skin tone unevenness may be caused by exposure to sun and toxins in the environment. The condition may become a bigger issue when combined with blemishes brought on by aging; even the younger population are prone to suffer from skin tone unevenness.

Smoking and alcohol consumption may contribute to hyperpigmentation. Uneven skin tone, freckles and blemishes may show up as sun damage or cancerous skin abnormalities. Depending on the severity of unevenness and the size of the affected area, laser treatment could be a non-invasive treatment option that removes skin tone unevenness.

How does laser affect blemishes?

Laser treatment utilizes various kinds of techniques and lasers. Excessive production of Melanin is the reason for skin tone unevenness for most skin types. Laser treatment is applied to a small part of the skin to cure damaged tissues, overproduction of Melanin and removal of skin cells that cause skin tone unevenness. This speeds up the healing process and prevents further discoloration.

Laser treatment eliminates dead skin cells and harmful bacteria and increases circulation, promoting Collagen production. Collagen is essential for the skin, because it ensures a tighter and cleaner skin. Along with Melanin, Collagen works to maintain a stable skin tone.

As Collagen production decreases and Melanin increases, brown or black spots may form on skin, due to sun exposure or toxins. Laser intensity is related to the degree of skin damage and skin tone unevenness. Certain treatments require more powerful lasers and a healing period; because they reach deeper layers of the skin and tissue. Depending on the skin type, öZEL Zen Poliklinik is able to utilize various kinds of lasers, such as; Switched to Nd Yag Lasers, CarbonDioxide Laser or Erbium Laser.

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