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Rosacea Treatment


Rosacea is a chronic, resistant skin disease that affects the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, characterized by recurrent flushing, hot flushes, acne-like swelling, inflammatory blisters, and superficial vascular enlargement called telangiectasia.

Lesions that occur with rosacea are usually symmetrical. In patients before rosacea disease, a general rash condition called "pre-Rosas" can be observed.

Rosacea is a skin disease that typically occurs at the age of 30, especially in women, especially blond, fair-skinned people. Its incidence in women represents 10% relatively. Although it is less common in men, it maintains a more severe course than women. Rosaceous lesions typically increase with stress.

It is suggested that the treatment of rosacea with laser techniques can not only reduce the intensity of the rib and redness but also reduce the frequency of flushing and burning attacks by reducing the blood flow in the troubled area.

In the laser studies conducted, the treatment results are higher, and the number of sessions is lower in the early stages of rosacea.

The areas where the treatment is most successful are the cheek and chin.

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