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Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus is easy to diagnose but sometimes it can be difficult to cure. Some prescribed or non-prescribed medicines can reduce or remove the symptoms, but nail fungus can repeat frequently and it is necessary to fight a long war to completely heal. Unfortunately most of the medicines barely help or sometimes doesn’t help at all. However nail fungus can be treated with laser.

Nail Fungus treatment with laser uses light rays with energy to generate heat. Energy from light rays is focused on narrow and specifically affected areas. Laser energy treats fungus beneath the nail bed. This method is based on emitting microsecond pulses of energy from the laser device so that fungal cells are slowly heated and completely eliminated with repetition.

What to expect from treatment?

This FDA approved laser treatment for toenail fungus is almost pain free. It can be used both on toe nails and hand nails or to treat more than affected areas. You will not feel more than a nice hot feeling as a patient. Emitted laser energy penetrates beneath the nail bed, so that skin or nail surface is not affected. This method creates sub-dermal heat to eliminate fungus.

You can start enjoying the results of a short treatment with less colored and improved skin around your nail. In most cases it is required to have 5 or 7 sessions but each sessions is quite quick. This treatment can be done without interruption easily.

Benefits of Treatment

In addition to eliminating fungal cells, non-ablative energy heats skin without destroying it. Consequently natural healing process starts. Nail heals and return to its normal condition. Since there won’t be any living fungus organisms, you shouldn’t worry about fungus spreading to other toe nails. First step is eliminating the cause, then your body is free to heal without any risk of re-infection.

For you to take care of your hand and toe nails, Özel Zen Poliklinik is offering new age technology laser treatment for nail fungus. It is preferred by many people due to its ability to recover both health and appearance of your nails.


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