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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair restricts many people’s freedom since the world began. When you have a hair problem, you do not want to wear the clothes you wanted to wore, or especially on summer days, swimming is a problem if you have unwanted and annoying hair on your body. If this situation restricts your freedom, Zen Polyclinic is here to provide the best and most hygienic treatment for you. Most people have unwanted hair problems even in daily life from all over the world and it is not important where our clients and patients are, because, people who want to have laser hair removal treatment will be able to have the treatment at Zen Polyclinic. Wherever you are, you can reach us and make an appointment easily.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

In the past, the hair removal treatment was performing with needles, and with other methods, but nowadays technology has improved and we use more digital systems and laser-assisted hair removal devices. We aim to destroy the hair follicle by exposure to pulses of laser light and when we destroy the hair follicle completely, there will not be new hair on that area again. On the laser epilation, the pigment called melanin gives the color to the target hair.

During the laser hair removal process, the light of the laser is transmitted through the body of the hair to the root. The melanin pigment stays on the hair root and takes the whole energy and leads to destroy the hair follicle. Hair has phases that we call Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. The tip of the hair under the Anagen is inside the root and on the laser hair removal treatment, laser light of the laser epilation only works if the hair is more on Anagen.

You will be able to choose Soprano Ice Platinum and Duetto MT Evo for laser hair removal treatment at Zen Polyclinic. It is extremely essential to have laser hair removal treatment in a professional polyclinic and with accomplished specialists because health is a serious and important thing for everyone. You should avoid having laser hair removal treatment with those who are not real specialists. Zen Polyclinic provides the best medical care with significantly accomplished specialists for our clients and patients.

Which Areas Can be Treatable with Laser Hair Removal?

Humans have hair whole over the body, and there is unwanted hair on many areas. In the summer season, especially women are not comfortable with clothes or bikinis because of annoying and unwanted hair problems. At Zen Polyclinic, we can solve this problem immediately whenever you reach us! There are most common and preferred areas by clients and patients to have the hair removal treatment below;

  • Between the eyebrows, above the eyebrows, and under the eyebrows
  • Bikini and genitals
  • Full leg and half leg (it can be changeable according to the suitability of each person)
  • Breast and back (it can be applied to men as well)
  • Over the nose
  • Above hands and above feet
  • Whole arm, half arm, and underarm
  • Cheekbones, upper lip, chin tip, under the chin
  • Neck and nape
  • In the ear, the auricle
  • Unwanted hairlines
  • Decollate, nipple, mid-breast, and umbilical line

Who Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Suitable For?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have the treatment for everyone because there can be side effects or we may face with an unexpected situation if people who;

  • Are under 18-year-old
  • Have cutaneous disease (Psora)
  • Inflammatory dermatoses
  • Have white color hair
  • Are heavily burned or tanned
  • Have light-color hair or are albino
  • Have seizure disorder, Epilepsy (People who are in this category should avoid starting treatment before contacting their medical doctor and we cannot start the treatment without the allowance of their medical doctor)
  • Have taken medicine for acne treatment within the last 6 months (We do not recommend the hair laser removal treatment to people who are in this category)

If you have a disease or if you are on the category list, we recommend you to contact your medical doctor and consult the situation of yourself and the treatment deeply. We will not be able to start any treatment without the allowance of your medical doctor because we care about your health and we have to protect your health at the same time. We do not want our clients or patients to have a risk about health in our Polyclinic. When you are ready for the treatment, Zen Polyclinic and accomplished specialists will be waiting for you but health always comes first for us.

How Long Does the Laser Hair Removal Session Treatment Take?

All people are different than each other and skin types cannot be the same as well. Everyone has different types of skin and it affects the permanence of the laser hair removal treatment. Besides that, it depends on the part of the body that you want to have the treatment because some parts of your body can be smaller and bigger and we can say the average time is 6 to 8 sessions. You can reach us for more details about the treatment and we can inform you better if we can know your skin type and the part of the body you want to have the treatment.

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Zen Polyclinic with Highest Hygiene Standards

We care about your health so we are significantly careful about sterilization and disinfection. At Zen Polyclinic, all areas are disinfected many times during the day and after each treatment. We have extremely highest hygiene policies and we follow every rule of COVID-19 in our polyclinic. Our clients and patients will be able to have the best treatment in the most hygienic environment and we do everything for your health. When you visit us, you can be comfortable with hygiene and health because there is no health risk or hygiene risk at Zen Polyclinic for you. Health and hygiene is our priorities and they will always be. It makes us more different and unique than others.

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