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Laser Epilation

Laser Epilation

Laser epilation is the preferred method of hair removal and is one of the most effective ways for getting rid of unwanted body hair for a lifetime. In the past, epilation was applied with a needle, however, it is now practiced with the aid of laser technology. In laser epilation, frequencies are directed towards the root of the hair particles - deadening them along the process, while ensuring the prevention of future hair growth throughout the area of focus.

Any service that fits under the word laser may seem frightening at first, however, it is a very basic procedure. Laser energy is collected by the pigments found within hair follicles, which leads to the emission of roots. Once the root is deadened, it can no longer produce hair.

Laser epilation can be applied to any area and is especially effective on bikini, lip, chin and armpit areas.

Laser Epilation is Not Suitable for Everyone

Not everyone is suitable to receive laser epilation treatment; including those under the age of 18, individuals diagnosed with psoriasis and people that have significant levels of observable sunburn or sun tan. On the other hand, individuals that have taken medicine for acne treatment within the last 6 months are also to be excluded from receiving laser epilation.

How Long Does Laser Epilation Last?

Everyone is different, therefore, the performed session varies. Laser epilation is applied during the active hair growth period. Different parts of the body have different growth rates; for this reason, the duration of the treatment depends on the area being performed on. Although, on average, between six to eight sessions are necessary.

During laser epilation treatment, most people feel a small sting. Generally there is no pain involved and any numbness involved is only temporary.

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