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Capillary Vessel Treatments

Capillary Vessel Treatments

A certain amount of redness bring a sense of freshness to the face. Nevertheless, should the redness persist and intensify; it will cause the capillary vessels to enlarge and rise to the surface - a condition known as Rosacea. On the other hand, capillary vessels found on legs may be seen as an aesthetic concern, which could turn into a bigger issue. At Özel Zen Poliklinik, we address such matters by utilizing the latests laser technologies.

Painless and gentle treatments that eliminate redness on skin and capillary vessels on legs carry minimum risk; providing outstanding results. The latest development in modern laser technology known as ND Laser is utilized at Özel Zen Poliklinik for such treatments. It is possible to treat capillary vessels by means of employing high energy.

During the treatment;

During the treatment of capillary vessels, the laser beam turns into heat; which leads to the disappearance of blood vessels. The liquid surrounding the vessel does not absorb the light and for this reason, does not harm the surrounding skin. The vessels are erased without being subjected to bruising.

Healing Process

Following the treatment, both reddening and pain will be felt throughout the treated area. To reduce such effects, the area could be iced; which may also speed up the healing process. The skin usually cools down overnight; makeup and skin care products can be applied the following day.

It is important to refrain from direct sun exposure 10 to 15 days that follow the treatment; if the redness persists, avoid applying soap directly to the area and do not rub the area.

Possible side effects are redness and swelling that lasts anywhere between 24 to 48 hours. A more unlikely side effect is swelling due to chromatosis. The side effects mentioned above are seen rarely and usually lasts for only a few days.

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