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Capillary Vessel Treatments

Capillary Treatments

Capillary appearance is a skin problem that can be encountered in many people, especially individuals with light skin color. This problem, generally seen in the face, legs, and arms, occurs because of the expansion of capillaries. The areas where capillary vein appearance is seen the most on the face can be listed as the upper part of the nose and sides, chin, and cheeks.

Some of the reasons for the increase in capillary appearance are as follows:

  • Expansion of capillaries
  • Extra sensitive skin structure
  • Rose disease
  • Have dry and atopic skin
  • Telangiectasia
  • Too frequent alcohol consumption
  • Use of cortisone or estrogen-containing drugs over an extensive period
  • Spider Angioma
  • Wine stain disease
  • Thinning of the upper part of the skin due to disruptive factors such as sunlight (extremely hot weather, fierce winds, sunburn, trauma)

New Era in Capillary Appearance Treatment: Laser Treatments

Capillary appearance treatments were formerly treated with the "burning capillaries" method, which suffers many side effects. This method not only caused an uncontrolled splash of heat on the skin but only made it possible to fight the newly formed capillaries in the uppermost layer. Zen Polyclinic uses new-generation devices in international standards in the treatment of capillary appearance and recommends and applies laser treatment for capillaries.

The prime purpose of laser treatment for capillaries is to leave the vein dysfunctional by ensuring that the blood carried by the vein is absorbed by the skin. The hemoglobin in the blood ensures the absorption of laser beams and the energy that emerges in the vein destroys the capillaries and eliminates the red appearance. The exposed blood is absorbed by the skin.

Zen Polyclinic applies Nd: YAG laser treatment on dark red, blue-purple thin diameter capillaries that can be seen on the skin surface. After the procedure, slight redness and rarely mild bruises can be seen on the skin. After managing the medications recommended by your doctor for a few days, rapid improvement is observed in the skin.

What are the Side Effects of Laser Capillary Therapy?

  1. The most general effect of laser capillary treatment is skin redness. Skin redness, which occurs directly after the procedure and continues to be seen for a while, is eliminated by regular ice pack and cold bandage application. Plus, it is extremely natural that the treated area is slightly swollen, numb, or tingling in the first few days. In such cases, you can talk to your doctor and solve the problem with alternative methods.

  2. Since your skin is extra sensitive during this process, it is recommended that you stay away from heat sources such as ovens, blow dryers, and heaters.

  3. In some cases, if there are capillaries close to the skin surface, minor injuries and crusting can be seen. You can contact your doctor when faced with such complications.

Who Is Suitable for Laser Capillary Therapy?

Since laser capillary treatment represents an application that does not cause vital side effects, it is a method suitable for many people. However, laser treatment is not preferred for people with various dysfunctions or diseases in their blood vessels and people with bleeding problems. Your doctor can carry out the accurate decision after the tests he will make. You can make an appointment with the relevant unit by calling the Zen Polyclinic.

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