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Blemish Treatments

Blemish Treatments

Skin blemishes can develop in both men and women depending on numerous factors. Pigmentation disorders on the skin, infections, allergies, prolonged acne, prolonged unprotected sun exposure can cause blemishes to increase or become settled.

Revolutionary medical technologies provide the treatment of these blemishes that occur exclusively in various parts of your face with their colors ranging from red to brown. Zen Polyclinic uses laser devices with the most recent technologies in blemish treatments and manages the process with innovative approaches.

Laser Effect in Blemish Treatments

Zen Polyclinic allows you to benefit from world-class skin treatments with its advanced Q-Switch laser technology. The most critical feature of the current generation Q-Switch technology is that it can provide effective results in blemish treatments thanks to stronger beam shots in a shorter time.

In blemish treatments, it is especially important to apply the laser only to the stained area and not to spread the heat caused by the laser to the surrounding tissues to maintain color uniformity. These new-generation devices we employ insure the most promising results in terms of aesthetics by minimizing heat splash to surrounding tissues.

Why Do Skin Blemishes Occur?

Explore the skin blemishes occurrence reasons in detail.

Blemish Treatment Depending on the Cause of Occurrence

Skin blemishes are divided into two in terms of formation reasons.

  1. Skin blemishes that develop due to increased melanocyte: The increase in the number of cells that provide color to your skin may cause slight brownish blemishes in certain areas. In most cases, trapezoid-looking light brown blemishes or sun blemishes that increase with age are associated with an increase in melanocytes. Medical aesthetic doctors of Zen Polyclinic perform treatment with advanced laser tools.
  2. Skin blemishes that develop due to the increase in melanin pigment: The blemishes left by long-term acne on the face, darkening in certain parts of the face, blemishes that occur during pregnancy develop due to the increase in melanin pigment. Depending on the cause of the blemishes on your face, your doctor will provide you information about the appropriate treatment process.

Is Laser Blemish Treatment Effective?

Zen Polyclinic uses expert and innovative technologies that provide the highest permanence for its patients. If you regularly comply with the number of sessions determined by your doctor, it is possible to treat age and sun blemishes and obtain positive results with laser treatment. Capturing a younger and more dynamic look will be considerably easier without these blemishes.

Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Treatment of Blemishes?

Heat is handled directly in the treatment of blemishes with a laser. This procedure can lead to the development of heat-related side effects. When applied correctly by a professional, the side effects of the laser can be minimized. In rare cases, exceptionally sensitive skin can be injured, bruised, and scarred. The best way to prevent your skin from developing an unexpected reaction after laser treatment is to follow the advice offered by your physician about post-process care and to inform your physician about unexpected situations.

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