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Active Acne Treatment

Active Acne Treatment

Zen Polyclinic offers innovative active acne treatment methods by bringing together advanced medical technologies and expert doctors in the field and for this purpose, it combines many methods from Benzoyl peroxide to antibiotics, from laser therapy to phototherapy and drainage for a successful treatment process. The sensitivity of the skin at the time of treatment, the condition of active acne, and some other factors affect which methods your doctor will choose.

What is Active Acne?

Some channels in the middle layer of the skin secrete sebum. Sebum-induced skin problems are not observed when sebum is secreted rationally and reaches the target areas with relevant channels. In certain cases, these sebum ducts in the middle layer of the skin become blocked and cause a slight swelling on the skin. The swelling that occurs first causes bacteria to settle in the lower layer of the skin and then inflammation (inflammation). Acne occurs because of the skin's defense strategy developed by the relevant tissue against bacteria.

What is Active Acne Laser Treatment?

When active acne is not treated for a long time, it creates skin scars/spots, also called "scar", on the tissue it is found. It is recognized that these aesthetically disturbing scars can also cause psychological problems such as loss of self-confidence. If you want to solve your active acne problem that has been going on for a while, we recommend you consult the specialist doctors of the Zen Polyclinic for professional and medical assistance.

Active acne laser treatment is carried out by creating an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. The prominent advantages of laser therapy remain as follows:

  1. Laser acne treatment can be applied precisely to acne tissue. Laser technology spreads a certain amount of heat on acne. This heat helps dry acne. The unbalanced sebum production in the middle layer of the skin is controlled by this heating technology.
  2. Pores represent structures that carry out an active role in the formation of acne. Overly open pores occur because of heavy lubrication, urban pollution, and the use of defective cosmetic products. Acne, which increases with the increase in sebum production, is treated from the root with laser treatment. Laser treatment helps to tighten the pores with its modern technology.
  3. Acne treatment with a laser is not only effective in removing existing acne, but also in preventing acne formation by maintaining skin balance.

Laser Acne Treatment Stages in Zen Polyclinic

The following stages are applied while performing acne treatment with a laser in the Zen Polyclinic.

  1. Within the framework of COVID-19 precautions, your skin is cleansed in detail in an environment carefully disinfected. It is recommended to remove any make-up on your face, purify your pores with a cleanser suitable for your skin type, and peel if necessary.
  2. After cleansing and drying the skin, laser treatment is applied to the areas determined by your doctor with high-tech special laser tools.

Zen Polyclinic Active Acne Treatment Applied to Which Areas?

Zen Polyclinic specialists and doctors, who follow the most recent technologies internationally, perform active acne treatment with a laser, especially in the face and back areas. Also, laser treatment can be applied for many types of acne that occur in various parts of your body. Do not forget to make an appointment with your doctor for specific information and a treatment plan.

How Many Sessions Does Active Acne Treatment Take?

The treatment plan for active acne treatment is exclusively created for you by your doctor. Typically, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended for active acne treatment with a laser to be successful. As a result of the acne treatment, performing your skincare routine with the products recommended by your doctor and as described, minimizes the possibility of acne occurs in the constant area. However, acne; Since may develop due to many reasons such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, stress, there is no clear guarantee for recurrence.

Your doctor recommends regular medical skincare to ensure general oil control on your skin and constantly cleanse the tissues. You can protect your skin health by making a monthly medical skincare appointment from the Zen Polyclinic.

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