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3D - 4D Skin Rejuvenation

3D - 4D Skin Rejuvenation

Photo-aging is the type of aging that is caused by sun light exposure. Indications in this kind of aging emerge as a result of damaging effects of the sun on the skin. Especially UVA lights harm the skin severely. During 3D and 4D Skin Rejuvenation, with the help of simultaneous light sources a non surgical treatment is provided.

Each layer of the skin is considered as a unique piece that is treated with a specific light source. Laser triggers fibroblast reactivation and stimulates collagen production as your skin is stronger and more elastic now. With this treatment, wrinkles are decreased, face lines are firmed, dark colored spots are whitened, capillary vessels are removed and pores are closed.

3D Skin Rejuvenation consists of 5 sessions. A single session is applied every 3 weeks. A session takes 20 minutes. Skin care takes approximately 30 minutes.

A new skin renewal technique, 4D Skin Rejuvenation uses IPL rejuvenation techniques and a new light system of fractional CO2 laser. In 4D Skin Rejuvenation different light sources are used and it is a non-invasive technique. The main advantage of 4D is protection of epidermis. During the treatment, epidermis is cooled so it is protected. The application ensures exposure of significant amount of light energy into the skin formed by recreation of collagen and blood circulation. Compared to other surgical treatments, this technique has many advantages.

4D treatment consists of 5 sessions. A skin care takes approximately 20 minutes. It is also proper for the treatment of neck, cleavage and hands. These parts of the body are exposed to many season changes like intense UV light and they show the first aging indications. Treatments can be repeated every 3-4 weeks. This treatment is proper for men and women.

We are helping you to choose the fittest treatment for yourself in Özel Zen Poliklinik in accordance with the degree of the aging.


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