Zen Poliklinik

HydraFacial Technology

In these times, only new-generation devices make the deep cleansing needed by the skin possible in skincare. HydraFacial technology promises a more vibrant, smoother, and rejuvenated skin by offering an anti-aging effect and triggering the skin’s regenerative ability. The high technology of the device and the plan created by the Zen Polyclinic specialist because of the analysis of your skin allow you to experience a skincare process that accommodates your needs.


What are the Benefits of the HydraFacial Process?

The HydraFacial device employs the power of Vortex technology to your skin with precision. The sessions completed painlessly and without the need for any anesthesia procedure, provide the following improvements:


  1. Your skin experiences four fundamental effects in one session: The first of these is the deep cleansing of the skin. The second is the exfoliation of the dead skin on the upper layer of the skin and the renewal of the skin. The third is to deeply hydrate the skin and increase its moisture-holding capacity. The fourth and final effect is the application of antioxidant protection to the skin.
  2. Your skin is cleansed at a microscopic level: Independent radicals, bacteria and dead skin on the skin prevent the pores from breathing while preventing the appearance of shiny skin. HydraFacial technology offered by Zen Polyclinic provides vacuum cleaning. Vacuum cleaning means cleaning and peeling your skin not only at a visible level but at a microscopic level. In this way, it is possible to clean the clogged pores, remove excess oil from the skin, and clean the blackheads from the areas where they accumulate “without squeezing.”
  3. Your skin is supported with a particular care cocktail: It is ensured that your skin regains its elasticity and regeneration ability that is lost due to external factors and age. For this, peptide solutions, antioxidant components, and hyaluronic acid are used. In addition to providing instant moisture, hyaluronic acid represents a component that increases the moisture storage power on the skin surface. When you benefit from HydraFacial technology with regular sessions, you will see a long-term change in your skin.
  4. LED therapy is used: In sessions where the power of special LED light is used, tissues and regeneration factors are activated. For this, red light technology is used by Zen Polyclinic specialists.
  5. It does not cause secondary sensitivity: HydraFacial does not cause your skin to weaken or create extra sensitivity. A mild rash is the only side effect of the treatment and will go away in a brief time. Therefore, this method can be preferred in all seasons. Our beauty experts recommend that you use sunscreens with a protection factor of 30-50 SPF for the protection of your pores and skin, both immediately after HydraFacial and in your daily life.


Who Should Benefit from the HydraFacial Application?

Zen Polyclinic, with its specialist doctors, creates a special treatment plan according to your skin type and expectations. Suitable for all skin types, HydraFacial is frequently preferred by individuals who experience the following skin problems:


  1. Skin wrinkles, fine wrinkles, especially in mimic areas
  2. Brown or red spots that develop due to age, acne, or using the wrong cosmetic product
  3. Large pores, excessive sebum production, and increased blackheads and pimples due to these problems
  4. Skin tone differences, especially in the hair removal areas above the lips and the eyes
  5. Decreased skin elasticity, dull and aged appearance
  6. Lack of moisture, scaling, excessive dryness on the skin


How Many Sessions Should HydraFacial Application Take?

The HydraFacial application that will take place in the Zen Polyclinic is completed in about half an hour. The basis of the HydraFacial method is to soften, cleanse, nourish and feed your skin with a unique cocktail using radio-frequency technology. The application, completed with LED therapy, offers an increasing brightness appearance from the first session.

The number of sessions is determined by the Zen Polyclinic specialist, depending on your skin problems. Generally, a plan is made between 6-8 sessions, and maximum effect is achieved with the last session.