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Nutrition and Diet Counseling

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Nutrition and Diet Consultancy

Nowadays, all people want to be at the ideal weight, so they apply to diet programs in terms of health and appearance. Since the body structure of each person is different, the diet and diet programs differ. The diet program depends on the person's body, health problems, blood values, and daily life. If you want to create the most suitable diet and nutrition program, as Zen Polyclinic, we provide you with professional experts. You should contact us to reach the form you want and to make your life healthier. You cannot even imagine what the right diet program for you will change in your life.

What is Diet and Nutrition Counseling?

Proper nutrition is very important for human beings. It is necessary to apply for our meals and program correctly while gaining or losing weight. Wrong diet programs often harm the human body. That's why we, as Zen Polyclinic, aim to give you the right nutrition habits with professional experts.

The purpose of Diet and Nutrition Counseling is to ensure that the person eats healthily, exercises, and gains the right eating habits. In this way, we will increase your quality of life. Many working people have an intense tempo and stress in their work lives. With a correct and regular eating habit, you can get away from this stress, focus on your business life and increase your work performance.

What Is the Content of Diet and Nutrition Habit?

The most important point in nutrition and diet counseling is to work with a professional dietitian. You can trust our institution in this respect. We would like to share with you what is in diet and nutrition consultancy. These are as follows:

  • First of all, the health analysis of the person is made in diet and nutrition counseling.
  • A personalized diet and sports program is prepared.
  • In nutrition and diet counseling, your dietician will take special care of you and will carry out regular checks for you. It is possible to reach our experts working in our polyclinic at any time, ask your questions, and ask for help.

People Who Will Benefit From Diet and Nutrition Counseling

A personalized preliminary process takes place for diet and nutrition programs. We would like to share with you the steps made in this process. These stages proceed as follows:

  1. The person's height and weight are measured.
  2. The cholesterol level of the person is measured.
  3. The blood pressure status of the person is monitored.
  4. Fats in the blood are measured.
  5. Lifestyle and daily life are examined.
  6. It is tried to understand whether the person has a risk of diabetes or not.

This process should take place before a special program is prepared for diet and nutrition counseling. Thus, a healthier program will be prepared for you.

What Services Are Available in Diet and Nutrition Counseling?

At Zen Polyclinic, we would like to offer you nutrition and diet consultancy professionally. That's why we wanted to indicate which services are available to you in our consultancy.

Healthy and Permanent Slimming

In the programs applied to lose weight, people try to have a healthy and regular life. An appropriate diet and exercise program is applied to the person.

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

A special diet program is prepared for the person's baby to be born healthily. A special plan is applied to meet the physiological needs of the person after birth and to increase the productivity of breast milk.

Childhood Nutrition

Your children should have a healthy diet from an early age. Therefore, you can contribute to the development of your child with a healthy and balanced program.

Sports Nutrition

People who will do sports need to protect their muscles and to increase their muscles massively or to burn fat. Therefore, athletes need a special and personalized program.

What Should Be Followed While Dieting?

There are some rules for proper and regular dieting. These rules are listed as follows:

  • Before we start dieting, we must clearly define our goals and be determined that we will do the diet regularly.
  • We have to be patient while dieting. To maintain a healthy body and beautiful appearance, we must maintain our patience and stick to the program.
  • We must feel ready in terms of weight loss and we must ensure our belief that we will lose weight.
  • It should establish the necessary dialogue with our dieticians. You should use their information whenever you want. You should ask your questions and be informed about everything you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Nutrition and Diet Consultancy

We have given you general information about nutrition and diet counseling. At Zen Polyclinic, we provide you the best service in a hygienic and clean environment. Thanks to our professional dietitians, you can have the look you want with regular checks. Your health is very valuable to our institution. You can find out your questions about diet programs by calling our institution. Besides, we have answered frequently asked questions for you. If you examine the questions below, you may find the answer to your question.

How Long Does Nutrition And Dietary Counseling Take?

The duration of nutrition and dietary counseling varies according to your situation. It continues until you achieve a permanent result with the program that your dietician has set for you. Therefore, you and your dietician determine this period.

What are the Fees of Nutrition and Diet Counseling?

The fees of nutrition and diet counseling vary according to the duration of the program applied to you and the measurements to be made to you. If you wish, you can call our institution to create an appointment and get detailed information.

Is Diet Program Harmful To Our Health?

Diet programs do not harm your health. However, sometimes serious problems may occur in your health due to wrong diet programs and your dietician misleading you. That's why we recommend that you make your diet program with a professional institution. In this way, you will not encounter unwanted results.

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