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Regional Fat Deposition

Regional Fat Deposition

VelaShape 3 is a new age non invasive treatment that uses a combination method to shape your body and reduce cellulite. While vacuum technology manipulates your skin, infrared light and bipolar radio frequency lightly warm fat depositions and tissues near them.

After 3-6 sessions, patients realize a reduce in cellulite appearance in the application areas. Skin is felt smoother and firmer. Some patients see results after their first sessions.

When you feel your skin smoother and firmer, you will realize a gradual heal in the application areas. In time, you will notice that there is going to be a reduce in the cellulite levels in the application area. Best results will be seen approximately in 10 weeks.

Velashape treatment is safe and efficient for all skin types and colors. It does not have declared short or long term side effects. Most patients see VelaShape as a comfortable, warm deep tissue massage. To provide a comfortable treatment experience, treatment parameters are measured easily. It is normal to feel warmness within few hours after the treatment. Some patients declared a pinky look on the skin after the treatment that can last few hours. However, the situation is temporary.

VelaShape 3 uses a combination of technologies to shape the body and to reduce the cellulite appearance. You can get detailed information from Özel Zen Poliklinik’s experienced medical doctors.


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