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Regional Slimming

Regional Slimming

Regional slimming is usually done for people who are not overweight to get rid of fat in certain parts of the body. Today, fat accumulates in certain areas in men and women. Especially in women, this situation is seen in the hips and hips. Excessive fat accumulation poses a health risk after a while. That's why you can try the regional slimming procedures that Zen Polyclinic provides you. First of all, we will give detailed information to you.

Regional Thinning Methods

Usually, fat causes deformities in people's bodies. Therefore, people prefer regional slimming methods that are not surgical procedures. People who get rid of fat deposits and have the desired appearance continue their daily lives. First of all, what you need to do for regional slimming is to consult a professional expert. Your body is analyzed in the presence of a professional expert and the regional lubrication method suitable for you is determined. Thus, your treatment begins. In this process, we, as Zen Polyclinic, are waiting for you with our professional experts. Now we will list the regional slimming methods for you.

  1. Lipolysis liposuction
  2. Mesotherapy
  3. Carboxytherapy
  4. Ultrashape
  5. Radio frequency

Cold Lipolysis

Cold lipolysis is one of the most preferred methods of regional slimming. It removes the fat in certain parts of the body. Medication is injected into certain parts of your body with a needle. With this drug, excess fat in your body melts.


This procedure is not a surgical procedure. Fats from certain parts of your body are removed by vacuum. Local anesthesia is applied to the parts with fat accumulation and many serums are injected. In this way, the oils in the regions are removed.


Carboxytherapy application is one of the most suitable methods for regional slimming. In carboxytherapy, carbon dioxide gas is given to specified areas with an advanced technological device. In this way, blood circulation in the determined regions is provided and metabolism is accelerated.


In the Ultrashape method, fat cells are broken down by ultrasonic sound waves. Ultrasound waves target the areas with excessive fat accumulation and destroy the fat in the selected areas by not damaging the surrounding cells. It is one of the shortest regional slimming procedures. Up to 4 centimeters thinning is seen.

Radio Frequency

The radio frequency used in the regional attenuation process is a very effective process. In this process, the ions of the body's water molecules are tried to be activated by radio waves. As a result, energy is released and the body begins to warm up. The connective tissue is completely renewed with this process, which allows fat to melt with the effect of heat. Thanks to this method, you will have the desired weight loss. Also, celluloid in the fat-containing areas is destroyed.

Is Regional Slimming Permanent?

Regional slimming provides you permanence. However, after the treatment, the weakened areas may be lubricated again due to the patient's irregular and unhealthy diet and not doing exercises that are suitable for him. Therefore, patients should take care of the shaping of their bodies after regional slimming. They should avoid situations that will cause lubrication by paying attention to their lifestyle. In this way, regional lubrication remains permanently. We are sure that you will have a fit appearance with regular exercise and enough water consumption.

What to Do for Regional Slimming

Before regional slimming operations, patients may apply some ways. We will talk about the ways that can be applied to you as a Zen Polyclinic.

  • It is possible to get rid of your unwanted fat with sports and regular exercise. You can get professional support for this.
  • Regional slimming diet programs also work. With diet programs, you can change your eating habits and gain a healthy appearance. Also, you will get healthily rid of unwanted fat.

In some cases, you may be faced with stubborn regional lubrication. That's why sports, exercise, and diet programs you follow may not work. At Zen Polyclinic, we recommend that you consult our professional experts in such cases.

Why Choose Zen Polyclinic for Regional Thinning?

At Zen Polyclinic, we work with our experts who are professional in their business, high technology devices, and a solid staff. In this way, we ensure that our patients have a quality treatment process. Our institution places great value on cleanliness and hygiene. Besides, our team that will take care of you works 24/7 for your satisfaction. You can ask any questions you want by contacting us. If you wish, you can call our institution for information or make an appointment. One of the most important aspects of our polyclinic is that you have a dialogue with professional experts as you wish.

When Are The Results of Regional Slimming Treatment Seen?

The regional thinning treatment process varies depending on the person. Generally, you start to see the effects of your treatment after the first session, but in some cases, it is seen that the patient starts to notice the difference in the second session. After your procedure, your fat cells begin to shrink gradually. Your body's reaction lasts for 3 months. Therefore, thinning will continue during this period.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Regional Slimming

We gave you detailed information about regional slimming. We will answer the frequently asked questions for you. If you wish, you can call our institution to get information.

What are the Regional Thinning Prices?

Regional thinning prices vary according to your body and session time. That's why you have to make an appointment.

In Which Areas Is Regional Slimming Most Applied?

Regional slimming is often applied in areas such as the belly, arms, legs, and hips. Due to the storage of fat in these areas, excess weight has occurred. You can decide the appropriate area for you with your specialist.

Is Regional Slimming Possible?

Regional slimming procedures are a type of procedure applied all over the world. At Zen Polyclinic, we provide you with detailed preliminary process information and prepare you for treatment. Our experts will choose the regional slimming procedure that suits you.

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