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Injection Lipolysis

Injection Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis treatment is one of the most common regional slimming methods which is powerfully effective to dissolve the regional fat deposition away. Nowadays, eating habit affects many people’s lives, and they have to deal with the unintentional weight gain. Sometimes, it can be about the eating habit but it can be about people’s genetics at the same time. Injection lipolysis is effective to dissolve your unintentional weight gain away. It is so essential to have injection lipolysis in a professional polyclinic and with accomplished specialists. Zen Polyclinic provides the best medical care with significantly accomplished specialists for our clients.

How Does Injection Lipolysis Work?

The injection lipolysis treatment which is not a surgery operation decreases the fat cell around the injected area chemically. A chemical known as Deoxycholic Acid leads to the dissolution of the fat cell away because Deoxycholid Acid helps to decrease the fat cell in the human body. The injection lipolysis occasions to make the fat cell normal size or destroy the fat cell completely. It solves the many health problems and unintentional weight gain with the regional slimming method. It is possible to dissolve the appearance of fat at Zen Polyclinic with the highest hygiene standards and our accomplished specialists.

Is Deoxycholic Acid Safe?

Yes. The safety and efficiency of Deoxycholic Acid have been scientifically proven. Not only on dissolving the unintentional weight gain away but also it is used for cholesterol, blood pressure, and tension problems. Health is always our priority and we never use any methods which are harmful to our clients or patients. Every treatment process is operating by the specialists at Zen Polyclinic. There is no risk for your health with us because we do everything to protect your health.

The Treatment Process of the Injection Lipolysis

  • During the Process: Before we start treatment, we evaluate and analyze the fat areas without a surgical operation. With the local anesthetic cream, the area which will be treated and prepared is marked by our specialists. We have extremely sensitive hygiene policies and we disinfect every area before the operation. We go 1 to 2 cm deep into the skin with special ultra-thin needles to inject the active substance with the doses several times intermittently. At Zen Polyclinic, we are so sensitive and careful in our all operations. The treatment process of the injection lipolysis takes about 20 to 40 minutes and it is an almost painless treatment. You might feel a little amount of tingling and burning sensation.
  • After the Treatment: The treatment process of the injection lipolysis should be repeated in 2 to 4 weeks intermittently. For the long-term and measurable success, 4 or 8 sessions are required but if the patient has the degree of obesity, he or she is not suitable for the treatment. It is the best way to contact a dietician in this situation. The treatment process of the injection lipolysis is the right process only for the regional slimming. We should follow the all process regularly to have the best result.
Which Areas Can be Treatable?

As Zen Polyclinic, we are significantly successful on this treatment. We always want complete happiness. It is possible to have the injection lipolysis treatment on many areas on your body but the most common areas;

  1. Abdominal / belly fat
  2. Fat and Cellulite on Arms
  3. Shaping Hips
  4. Upper thigh fat
  5. Cellulite
  6. Face
  7. Breast

After the injection lipolysis, there can be small blue blemishes on the area that you had the treatment. It is normal to have bruising or swelling on your body as well. There is nothing to worry about because you will not have any blemishes, bruising, or swelling after a few days. If you have an additional illness or personal situation, we recommend you to contact your medical doctor before starting the injection lipolysis treatment because we do not want anyone to have a risk or a problem and we want to protect your health in all possible ways. Your health is always our priority and we are so careful with every treatment we provide as Zen Polyclinic.

Who Is Injection Lipolysis Suitable For?

Injection lipolysis which is one of the most effective treatments for regional slimming is unfortunately not suitable for everyone because there can be side effects for people who;

  • have heart disease such as congestive heart failure
  • have liver diseases or kidney diseases
  • are diabetic patients
  • drink alcohol regularly
  • are pregnant or women who are in the breastfeeding period
  • have the degree of obesity (people who have this issue should contact a dietician in this situation before the injection lipolysis treatment)

There is also a risk for people who have a chronic illness. If you are one of them, you should contact your medical doctor before the injection lipolysis treatment. Besides that, people who are in the category should avoid starting treatment before contacting their medical doctor as well because your health is more important than how your look is and we never want to have a risk for our patients on any treatment. Even if our injection lipolysis treatment is not a surgery operation, people who are in the category can sometimes have a higher risk more than other people. Zen Polyclinic always cares about your health more than everything else.

The Injection Lipolysis Treatment in Zen Polyclinic with Highest Hygiene Standards

Hygiene and health are our priorities. Zen Polyclinic always protects your health on all treatments in our polyclinic. Before every medical process, hygiene is the most important thing for us and we are extremely careful on sterilization and disinfection. We follow every COVID-19 rule and our highest hygiene policies became stronger than ever. We do not want our clients and patients to worry about their health and their lives and we do everything for them. At Zen Polyclinic, we assume that you will have the best medical care with the highest hygiene policies. We are ready to provide the finest treatments for you with our significantly accomplished specialists. Your health and your happiness are everything for us.

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