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Lipolysis Injection Treatment

Lipolysis Injection Treatment

Lipolysis injection treatment decreases the amount of fat cells that surround the injected area. A chemical known as deoxycholic acid leads to the disappearance of the fat cell. Since it is not a surgical operation, it does not require a healing period and the patient is able to return to their daily lives immediately.

An in-depth analysis of the fatty areas are performed prior to the treatment using lipolysis injection. The area to be treated is marked and prepared with a local anesthetic cream. Once a thorough disinfection has been done, the active substance is injected in small amounts using special ultra thin needles that go 1-2cm deep into the skin. The treatment lasts 20 minutes and is almost free of pain.

You may feel a small amount of tingling and burning sensation. The injection triggers liquefying of fat deposit that may have formed. Interrupted fat is discharged from the body lymphatic system. The liquefied fat cells go on for an infinite amount of time, just as it is the case with liposuction.

As Özel Zen Poliklinik team, it is very important for us to make this an enjoyable treatment. We give the tissue enough time to work with medicine and to decrease in size. This substance could also be used in the removal of fat tumors. We cannot wait to provide you with suggestions and to point you in the right direction in choosing the proper treatment type.

The following areas tend to be indicated as problematic:




Cellulite treatment

Lipolysis injection has been successfully used for many patients. Following injections, patients may see redness and swelling in treated areas; as well as, small blue spots, a low amount of burning, itchiness and sensitivity towards pressure. Such problems are dealt with in a few days.


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