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Restoring the Area Under the Eyes (Under Eye Light Filling)

Restoring the Area Under the Eyes (Under Eye Light Filling)

The formation of dark circles under eyes is a cosmetic issue for all that are affected. At the same time, veins under the eye and along the cheeks tend to be unenjoyable for anyone. However, advancements within the cosmetic sector, it is possible to choose under eye restoration. Also known as under-eye-light filling, the treatment may prevent the presence of a tired appearance.

Injection of hyaluronic based dermal filling substances is an effective way to regain volume. Through this method, it is possible to fix bags that form under the eyes, dark circles and tear ducts. Dermal filling substances also moisten areas that surround the eye and aid in the healing of the skin, as well as, stimulate collagen and elastin production.

How is Under-Eye-Light-Filling Performed?

The injections cause only a slight amount of pain and in some instances are painless. The injections are applied with the help of cannula that has a solid tip; this is recognized as a safer option since it lessens the probability of bruising and tissue trauma. In order to create natural volume, the product is applied thoroughly underneath the eye. The product disappears slowly and is broken down biologically within the course of a few months. Once it has been entirely absorbed, there are no remains of it to be found within the body.

Under-eye-light filling treatment is a two-step process. First, gaps are filled using a hyaluronic acid based dermal filling substances and the section under the eye is strengthened. While this allows for the camouflage of the bags under the eye, it also enables for decreasing the amount of dark circles under the eyes. The second step consists of reaching long-term effect with the assistance of polyvitamins and amino acids as they play a role in cellular rejuvenation.

All potential risks and side effects will be discussed during consultation. The length of the treatment’s effect differs due to the parameters of age, skin type, lifestyle, muscle activities and substance used during the treatment. Although, results are usually effective and long-lasting.

What Sets Under-Eye-Light-Filling Apart?

The treatment differs from traditional filler procedures because it is not applied under the skin, but rather, applied directly on the bone. Also, with the treatment method, the chance of bruising and oedema are minimized. First signs are seen within 14 days, the effect lasts for the duration of one year.

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