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Nasolabial Filling

Nasolabial Filling

Nasolabial filling is a wide spread procedure that has been practiced for years. It is possible to get rid of the lines that extend from sides of nose to sides of the mouth by applying dermal filling substances to the lines.

Most noticeable signs of aging tend to surface on the face. Lines along the mouth are also a sign of aging. At the same time, these lines cause the face to appear more saggy and tired. The filling applied in order to erase such lines is known as Nasolabial filling.

Those that have an idea about filling and botox may not have any knowledge in regards to Nasolabial filling. However, after reading our article, you will be well informed on the topic of Nasolabial filling.

The Right Time For Nasolabial Filling

Fundamentally, once lines around the mouth have appeared, it is an indication that the right time has come for Nasolabial filling. This may change in accordance to the facial structure of the patient. Nevertheless, it is possible to receive Nasolabial filling treatment at the age of 26. Most patients notice the lines that surround the mouth during their 30's.

How is it Practiced?

In order to avoid any pain or discomfort during the procedure, use of a topical anesthetic cream, ice or nitric oxide gases are preferred. At the same time, filling substances include local anesthetic as well. For this reason, it cannot be said that the procedure is painful. During the procedure, filling substances are injected to the sides of the mouth; the patient is able to return to their daily life following the procedure.

The full effects of the procedure last for 6 months. However, the patient is able to request for the Nasolabial filling to be done only once a year.

Is Nasolabial Filling Risky?

Bruising and swelling are the most common problems that are seen as a byproduct of the procedure. At the same time, noticeable cavities could also occur. Another issue is found among patients that have a thin skin; in which, the blue color of the filling substance appearing on the surface of the skin. Although, this situation happens due to inexperienced doctors and the surface application of the filling substance.

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