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Jawline Filling

Jawline Filling

A sharp jawline beautifies facial symmetry, while supporting a younger look. Jawline filling is an easy solution for those that lack a visible a jawline. Jawline filling can do much more than getting rid of jaws that appear to be saggy or lacking volume. Özel Zen Poliklinik doctors can reshape the jawline contour.

Due to effects brought on by aging, you may have noticed that your jawline is not as firm as it used to be. The reason behind this may be genetic; the fatty tissue will eventually sag to the lowest point near the jaw. For this reason, if wanting to treat the jawline in the most effective way possible, it is important to treat the upper portion of the face as well. It will also be crucial to take the natural facial structure into the equation. It is only through working with the natural facial features that the facial structure may be improved. At this point, jawline filling will come into play and realize your wants.

Stages of Treatment

Since a topical anesthetic cream will need to be applied to ensure comfort, we advice that you arrive 30 minutes prior to receiving jawline filling treatment. Jawline filling lasts approximately five minutes. With the use of a thin needle, the dermal filling substance is injected into the jawline area.

Healing Period

There may be some swelling and the treated area may be sensitive between three to five days that follow the treatment. Such symptoms decrease in time. Any bruising may be covered with makeup.

Active Period of Effect

The effect of dermal filling substances last for 12 months. However, this duration may differ from person to person. Ultimately, the body will break down filling substances and eliminate them from the body. It is possible to receive once again following the initial span of 12 months. You may consult doctors at Özel Zen Poliklinik in relation to jawline filling and other esthetic treatments.

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