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Jawline Filler

Jawline Filler

The most prominent line on the face is the chin line. As time passes, jawline filler is the most common method in cases such as some defects in the jaw structure, sagging on the jaw, or deformation of the jaw. This situation may occur as a result of genetic structures or subsequent accidents. In the face of such problems, people use jawline filler, which is a simple and non-surgical procedure, to correct this situation. With this process, the desired shape is given to the jaw. In this way, a beautiful appearance is provided for the facial structure. At Zen Polyclinic, we apply jawline fillers to you in the best way with our successful medical aesthetic doctors.

Why Zen Polyclinic?

Zen Polyclinic provides you the best service with its specialist doctors. The problem-free procedure is provided for jawline filler together with the best doctors in the field. You can reach the jaw structure of your dreams with Zen Polyclinic. With the difference of Zen Polyclinic, you will have the look you want on your face. The perfect jawline filler procedure is only in Zen Polyclinic.

We say health comes first! At Zen Polyclinic, we attach importance to hygiene. The jawline filler we make is made with disposable materials. Also, the filler we use is the best quality and approved one. You are our priority.

How is Jawline Filler Applied?

The jawline filler, which Zen Polyclinic has achieved as an expert in its field, is one of the short-term procedures. The cream is applied to the area before the filler process to be made. This cream has an anesthetic structure. The feeling of the needle will be minimal during filler with this cream. Hyaluronic acid is used for non-surgical jawline filler with needles. This procedure is painless. The jawline filler made does not disrupt your life. The expected time for the effect of the cream applied before the procedure is half an hour. The filler process also takes half an hour. This means that you can reach the jaw that you want and the wonderful structure you want in a total of one hour.

Post-Filler Effects and Healing

After a short jawline filler, there may be some swelling and bruises on the treated side. This situation is temporary. There will be no bruises and swelling in a few days. Although pain is not common after the procedure, it is very normal. You can soothe these pains with painkillers that your doctor will recommend to you. Although it is a simple method, it is useful to rest sufficiently after the jawline filling procedure. In this way, it will be easier for the filling to get used to and settle on the body. Although the jawline filler to settle on the chin and take its full shape varies from person to person, it can take up to two weeks.

The jawline filler is flawless as every procedure of the Zen Polyclinic is perfect. We have full confidence in jawline filler, which is one of the great procedures we do. No side effects or dissatisfaction are experienced in our outpatient clinic. The most successful jawline filler is done at Zen Polyclinic.

Who Is Suitable For Jawline Filler?

There is no need for very specific features to have the jawline filler. It is sufficient that the person who will perform this procedure is older than 18 years of age and does not have any health disability. Jawline filler is made regardless of male or female gender.

  • Symmetry disorder in the jaw
  • Experiencing a structural defect in the jaw that occurs with aging
  • The jaw shape is not liked
  • Jaw structure deterioration after an accident

People with such conditions can have the perfect jawline filler in the expert hands of the Zen Polyclinic and have the jawlines they want. Let our polyclinic touch you. At Zen Polyclinic, we guarantee you the most beautiful jawlines with jawline filler.

See The Advantages Of Jawline Filler

Non-surgical jawline filler does not require a long healing process. It is a procedure that people with the fear of surgery can choose without fear. It is easier to return to daily life after jawline filler. After the procedure, your face will gain a completely different and wonderful appearance. Jawline filler makes the person look younger because the effects of old age are not seen with this filler. In addition to all these, you can have a perfect jaw structure with the difference of ours, namely Zen Polyclinic.

Some Wondering Situations

How long does the jawline filler take effect?

The permanence of the jawline filler may vary with the jaw structure of the person. Therefore, the permanence of this filling can generally be stated as 12 months.

Can the jawline filler be removed?

It is possible to get back the jawline filler. Like the filler process, this procedure is non-surgical. A structure that will disrupt the structure in the filler is injected into the area. After about a day, the filler disappears.

What is the cost of jawline filler?

Jawline filler has no specific price. The filler price varies according to some cases. The fact that the material to be used is more or less according to the facial structure, the expertise of the doctor in the field affects the price. Come to Zen Polyclinic and find out how much you can get the perfect chin for you!

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