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Jawline Fillers

Jawline Fillers

As we age, certain parts of our faces show the effects of aging. Over time, areas around the eye, near the lips and the forehead begin to display signs of aging and become deformed. Although unmentioned, the chin is also part of the deformation process that alters the facial expression. Usually, the chin goes unnoticed and overlooked. Those that think they have a big nose when viewed from the side profile often tend to also have too small of a chin. The chin holds a vital place in defining facial expression. Especially those with too small of a chin prefer jawline fillers in order to alter their facial expression.

Most of the dermal filling substances used for jawline fillers are substances found in the eyes and throughout the body. For this reason, it is safe to utilize such substances. With jawline fillers, it is possible to develop a chin that fits one’s facial structure and improves the overall aesthetic outlook. Prior to the injection of filling substances, it is possible to apply certain anesthetic creams around the area for numbing purposes. An inward chin may be pushed outwards or a small chin may be enlarged to take a more fitting form.

Jawline filling is a short procedure. The entire process can be completed in 15 minutes and the results can be seen instantly. Since there is no healing period required, the person could immediately return to their daily life. It is normal to see some bruising and swelling around the area which the filling was applied. This situation should be normalized within a few hours.

A rare occurrence that could follow jawline filling are small bruises around the chin. Those with a sensitive skin are more prone to bruising. However, the minute bruises could be covered by make-up and will disappear within a few days. A similar time frame of a few days could be true for swelling to disappear as well.

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