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Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Perfect smiles and white teeth are considered as important for our society. Though white teeth are essential for a good smile, they are also a sign of healthy teeth. However, it may not be enough to have white and healthy teeth alone. Visibility of the gum that is found below the upper lip is found bothersome by many. This is known as Gummy Smile, meaning, gingiva smile.

Gummy smile may occur due to many reasons. One reason may be that a person’s teeth appear small when compared to the width and length of their smile, increasing the visibility of their gums. The upper lip of a person may not be large enough to cover their gums during a smile. Some people tend to simply gums that require additional surface area. People that suffer from this condition may be feeling bad about the appearance of their smile and although many doctors and orthodontists may offer solutions for treating such an instance, most of the offered solutions tend to be surgical.

Botox is able to effectively treat this condition and is preferred method in comparison to surgery. Muscles found along both sides of the mouth can be loosed through the use of two or more injections and lips may begin to cover the gums; resulting in the formation of a more esthetically attractive smile. At Özel Zen Poliklinik, we offer Botox as a solution to cosmetic discomfort; if you are unsatisfied with the visibility of gums while smiling, botox may be the right treatment option for you.

Gummy Smile Botox Treatment

Type A botox is made of botulinum toxin and when used for typical cosmetic solutions, it paralyses muscles that cause the appearance of thin lines and wrinkles on the skin. The same procedure is practiced if a patient has gummy smile while smiling; here, botox is injected into the muscle found next to the nose that is responsible for lifting the upper lip. Once the botox is spread throughout the muscle, tension that leads to a visible gum is removed and lips are able to cover the gums.

Benefits of the Treatment

Treatment sessions do not last over 30 minutes.

Injections have a low level of invasion and they do not cause pain.

Results surface faster when compared to similar treatments.

Injections may be adjusted depending on the goal of the treatment.

Results are entirely natural and are proportionate to the face.

Even though Botox has proven the effectiveness it has in treating the particular issue, the solution is not permanent and requires a session every 8 - 12 weeks. For more detailed information, you are welcome to get in contact with us.

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