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Golden Needle Scarlet S

Golden Needle scarlet s

Fractional Needle Radiofrequency, or Gold Needle, is a skin rejuvenation method. It repairs the problematic skin structure by sending radiofrequency energy under the skin by gold-coated needles. It is a process that does not affect the skin surface. It repairs the spots or deformations on the skin caused by aging or external factors. Stress, age, unhealthy life, insomnia, and genetic structures are factors that cause skin aging. With this method, the skin becomes much younger and brighter.

In the Zen Polyclinic, Golden Needle, one of the non-surgical procedures, is best applied by our doctors who are the best in their field. The Golden Needle process, which provides the opportunity to heal skin problems such as wrinkles, scars, and moisture loss caused by environmental factors and aging conditions, gives your skin a younger appearance.

What is Fractional Radiofrequency?

The gold needle method using fractional radiofrequency differs from other known non-surgical aesthetic methods. The gold microneedles in the machine generate electric current. This electric current generates heat. This heat and current are given just below the skin layer with gold needles. In this way, the applied area is heated and the tissue is renewed and activated. With this effect of the gold needle method on the skin, undesirable conditions on the skin are successfully corrected.

What Is The Gold Needle Method Used For?

With this method, it is possible to correct almost all problems that occur on the skin. The gold needle method, which corrects and regenerates the skin, can eliminate many visible problematic skin areas both on the face and on the body. Examples of these problem areas can be listed as follows.

  • Burned and injured areas
  • Areas with the finest wrinkles on the skin
  • Neck and décolleté areas that need improvement
  • Skin areas where acne scars occur
  • Cracks that occur after weight gain or after childbirth
  • Stained patches on the skin
  • Areas where age-related symptoms occur
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Pores getting stuck
  • Stained patches on the skin
  • Sagging areas on the body

It is possible to solve these types of skin problems with the most different and effective method, the golden needle. With the gold needle treatment we use as the Zen Polyclinic, your skin will regain a young, new and smooth state with the gold needle method.

Periods and Stages of Gold Needle

The gold needle procedure, which is simpler and more painless than other procedures, is not a surgical procedure. An anesthetic cream can be applied according to the area to be applied, then cleaned. The device needles and fractional radiofrequency machine are adjusted according to the person and the area to be made. Needle caps are for single use only. The heat and radio waves that the golden needle tips will send to the skin substrate can take about 40 minutes. The skin receives signals that trigger collagen production. Redness may occur after the procedure, but it quickly disappears.

Immediately after the procedure, the person can continue to daily life, but the person should take care to protect from sunlight. A high factor sunscreen will work. Gold needle procedure is not a single session. At the Zen Polyclinic, our specialist doctors will determine a sufficient number of sessions and session intervals for you. There will be a visible change after the first session. You will have much younger and smoother skin day by day. At Zen Polyclinic, we offer you the most successful gold needle procedure.

Requirements for Before and After Gold Needle Procedure

It is necessary to pay attention to some situations to perform the golden needle procedure in a healthy, harmless, and best way and at the same time to create the best effect.

  • Before the gold needle procedure, blood thinners and drugs such as aspirin should not be used.
  • Alcohol should not be used before the procedure.
  • The process should come with clean skin.
  • There should be no sun exposure for a long time (at least 15 days) after the procedure.
  • There should be no water contact for a day after the gold needle procedure.
  • After applying the gold needle, a scrub should not be made for a week.
  • Skin peeling procedures should not be done.
  • There should be no glycolic acid in the creams used in the area where the procedure is located.

Is Gold Needle (Fractional Radiofrequency) Risky?

The gold needle process does not affect the skin. For this reason, it does not have a risky situation. It does not cause any imperfections on the skin. It is not affected by season and weather conditions. The area can be protected from sun rays with high factor sunscreen. A separate cap with needles is used for each person so there is no risk of infection.

Who Can Get Golden Needles?

Men and women over the age of 16 can benefit from this procedure. Gold needles are not recommended for people using only pacemakers.

Advantages of Golden Needle

This procedure provides special advantages in that it differs from other processes. These special advantages can be listed as follows:

  • This method does not create any different reactions on the skin, such as scabbing or peeling.
  • It is incomprehensible that the procedure was performed because even after the application, there is no certain discoloration or swelling on the skin.
  • The most permanent solution for skin rejuvenation is a gold needle.
  • What the skin color does not force the process.
  • It also provides success in different skin types.

Golden Needle in Zen Polyclinic

We care about your skin. We serve you with our best doctors to bring you the skin features you want. We make the cleanest and most flawless operations with the golden needle and we are pleased with you. With us, it is possible to have young and renewed skin. Experience the golden needle procedure, which is the simplest way to get rid of spots, wounds, and wrinkles on your skin, with the success of the Zen Polyclinic. In our clinic, our medical estheticians, who are experts in their fields, guarantee you beauty. For more information and privileges, contact our experts at Zen Polyclinic.

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