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Facial Rejuvenation: Dermal Filler in Filler Procedures

Facial Rejuvenation: Dermal Filler in Filler Procedures

Dermal fillers are materials used in filler procedures. Dermal fillers are in gel texture and are injected subcutaneously. Its general use is on covering wrinkles. It gives a younger and more vibrant appearance to the face. Zen Polyclinic, the address of facial renewal and youthful appearance, also achieves magnificent results in dermal fillers. As a result of these procedures in our polyclinic, the wrinkles you complain about will no longer upset you.

The solution to complaints such as wrinkles caused by facial structure or aging is dermal filler. As time passes, it is normal to see a difference in facial structure and to show an old age. For these problems, dermal filler is known for giving the face its natural and flawless appearance.

Where Is Dermal Filler Used?

Dermal fillers are generally applied where the facial structure is changed or desired to be changed. Thus, the desired volume is given to the face and a perfect face can be achieved. As places where dermal fillers are used:

  1. Areas with prominent facial lines
  2. New wrinkles on the face
  3. The line descending from the prominent tip of the nose to the lips (this is called the nasolabial line)
  4. Lips
  5. Temple area
  6. The prominent line between two eyebrows
  7. Nose area
  8. Cheeks and cheekbone area

examples can be given. Dermal fillers made in all these areas can be made only for the desired appearance without the need for a problem in the area.

Making the Dermal Filler

Dermal filler procedures generally proceed in the same order. After you say the look you want, the dermal filler is done, the type of injection that should be done by experts. Anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be applied before and the feeling is minimized. Then, the dermal filler gel is injected under the skin with needles with fine tips. This type of filler is known for its long durability. After your first procedure, a complementary procedure is performed after a time that varies according to the person, but generally between 6 and 12 months. Thus, the dermal filler becomes the most permanent.

What Uses Zen Polyclinic?

We care about those who entrust their facial beauty to us. For this reason, our first rule is health. The gel we use in dermal fillers is completely body-friendly. Most of the substances in this gel are also found in the body. Our dermal fillers are naturally compatible with the body. Thus, an appearance with the desired volume and brightness is obtained. At Zen Polyclinic, we perform a flawless dermal filler. Moreover, our dermal fillers have a feature that positively affects your skin health.

Who Do We Do Not Recommend Dermal Filler?

In the Zen Polyclinic, the priority is to make a successful dermal filler. We know situations where success cannot be achieved or the transaction will hurt. For this reason, we share this information with you without deceiving you. Dermal fillers can be used for anyone between the ages of 18 and 65. However, we never recommend that people with certain features use dermal fillers.

  • People with skin disease
  • People who have problems in the area where the dermal filler is desired
  • In women who are pregnant
  • In women who are breastfeeding

We do not recommend to these people to using dermal fillers. Because in such cases, the body may enter into other reactions or symptoms in the gel filler injected.

Bad Effects of Dermal Filler

This procedure is not a surgical procedure, but there is still a small chance of adverse effects. Redness, swelling, and bruising may occur in the area where dermal fillers are applied. These situations are temporary. However, if these symptoms do not disappear within a maximum of two weeks and they are painful, you should consult your doctor immediately. To avoid such situations, dermal fillers should be done by specialist doctors.

Dermal Filler Should Only Be Made By Experts

So it is done only in the Zen Polyclinic. In order not to have problems after dermal fillers, you should choose successful doctors who have been trained in this field. As the Zen Polyclinic, we offer you this trust and quality with our doctors working in our company. Zen Polyclinic is the only place where you can entrust your face and beauty. Come to us for the most successful place of dermal filler to ensure your facial beauty.

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