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Cheekbone (Cheek) Filling

Cheek Filling

The effects of aging are primarily seen around the face. One of the areas most affected by this effect is the cheeks. There is not only an aging effect but also rapid weight loss or structurally sunken cheeks. These changes in the body affect the cheek area. These cheeks, which lose their volume, spoil the face shape and make the person look older than they are. For a young face look, cheeks must be voluminous. If you also complain about your cheeks and cheekbones, you can provide a younger look on your face by performing non-surgical cheek filling with the Zen Polyclinic.

Having a cheek filling is a war against the signs of aging as well as making the cheekbone volumized. Cheek filling provides smooth skin by eliminating the lines around the cheeks caused by aging. This filling applied to the cheeks improves the distorted face shape and creates a healthier appearance. We welcome you to the Zen Polyclinic for cheek filling, which should be done in the presence of specialist doctors.

How is Cheek Filling Applied?

Every process we use in our clinic is done with materials that are completely compatible with human health. The filling is performed with a specially formulated, human-friendly solution in the Zen Polyclinic. Local anesthesia is applied as the first step. In this way, the person will not feel anything during the injection. Then, the dermal filling material in a special formula is started to be injected into the cheek area with a needle or cannula. The process is completed after the injections are made to the extent and number of injections determined by our specialist doctors. Cheek filling is completed in about 30 and 45 minutes.

Cheek filling is a comfortable procedure because it is not a surgical procedure. It is possible to continue daily life after filling. While cheek filling is performed, it is natural and temporary to experience situations such as redness or bleeding, although it is not seen much. You can notice the change in your face right after the procedure. It is possible to see the actual facial appearance between two weeks and four weeks.

Effects of Cheek Filling

Cheek filling shows many more positive effects along with the youthful appearance it leaves in the area. The healthy filling created with a special formula in the Zen Polyclinic provides an aesthetic appearance to the cheekbones with the volume it adds to the cheek area. Even if it is applied to the cheek area, there is a result that affects the entire facial appearance. It is possible to create an aesthetic voluminous and smooth appearance with cheek filling in cases such as wrinkles and depressions with aging. This cheek filling, which can provide symmetry in facial appearance, moisturizes and renews the skin at the same time. Provides a wonderful shine on the skin. This method, which can be preferred by people who have problems in the nasolabial line, provides volume to the cheek area and allows it to be pulled upward. Thus, the prominence of the nasolabial line is prevented.

Before and After Cheek Filling Should Be Considered!

Some points should be considered before applying cheek filling. Likewise, paying attention to some situations after the procedure ensures the success of the filling and is important for the health of the person.

Before Cheek Filling

Conditions to be considered before cheek filling:

  • Drugs such as aspirin should not be consumed until at least two weeks before the cheek filling procedure.
  • If the cheek area is infected or pimply, the filling should not be applied.
  • Cheek filling should not be done at the same time as unfinished dental treatments.
  • Filling in the mouth, such as gums, should not be filled in cases of infection or inflammation.

The importance of the healthy mouth area is the possibility of the filling made in the cheek to cause different reactions to the problems in the mouth. Cheek filling can give unhealthy results and it may be difficult to have the desired facial appearance.

After Cheek Filling

Important situations to be considered after cheek filling are as follows:

  • Ice can be applied if necessary.
  • Drugs that should not be used before the procedure should not be used for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • The first 1-2 hours after the procedure should be completely upright.
  • Intense sports and exercise should not be done for a day.
  • Skincare should not be applied for at least 1 week after cheek filling.
  • You should not enter the pool for at least 2 days after the procedure, there is a risk of infection.
  • It should not be in extremely hot and sunny environments, high factor sun cream should be used.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed on the day of cheek filling, it creates a risk of edema.

How Long Is Cheek Filling Permanent?

After the first cheek filling, it is necessary to renew approximately one year later. At the end of this period, one more session is applied. In some people, it may continue to affect for more than a year. The duration of action may vary depending on the face and skin conditions of the person.

Capturing Beauty With Cheek Filling

In the Zen Polyclinic, our specialist doctors perform the cheek filling process perfectly in line with your wishes and facial structure. Our polyclinic, where the weak and old look on your face is removed in the healthiest and most skilled way, refreshes your beauty. It is possible to eliminate collapses caused by aging or the facial structure of the person in the most expert hands, namely the Zen Polyclinic. For more detailed information, we invite you to the first examination.

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