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Cheekbone (Cheek) Filling

Cheekbone (Cheek) Filling

The most noticeable effects of aging along the face occurs along the cheekbone area. Cheeks that have lost their volume may cause a tired and aged appearance. This is caused by the lack of oils under the skin that exist during one's youth, but disappear with age.

However, cheekbone (cheek) filling was developed especially for cheeks to regain their volume; while also to treat missing soft tissue, to fill thin lines and to smooth out the surface of the skin.

Cheek filling is a very popular cheek bone growth system and at the same time a precaution against aging. A specially formulated dermal filling solution is used to establish more volume, size and to increase the presence of a young look. The procedure lasts for about 30-45 minutes.

Cheek (Cheek Filling) Steps

A canulla is to top choice to be utilized while injecting dermal filling substances under the skin. Canulla is a local anesthesia used to numb a given area; which is then also applied in places that lack volume.

The Effects of Cheekbone Filling

While cheekbone filling fixes the shape and tissue, it also gets rid of unwanted signs of aging. At the same time, it may be a great path for the fixing of facial asymmetry, for getting rid of thin lines or deep wrinkles, for moistening the skin and for giving cheekbones a sense of volume.

Moreover, cheek filling is a restrictive method that revives the skin by means of heavy moistening and stimulation. A specially formulated solution was developed for addressing flexibility, tissue and radiance.

When Am I Able to See the Results of Cheekbone Filling?

As it is the case with all filling procedures, you would be able to a noticeable change imminently. However, the entire results of the cheek injections surface within two to four weeks.

How Long Does the Effect Last?

It is recommended to book a new session 12 months after your first dermal filling. Although, the length of the period differs for each patient. Some patients see the effects for a period that lasts over a year.

The use of dermal filling substances used in the cheekbone filling procedure will allow for a face with more volume and a younger appeal. It is an ideal operation for those that feel the effects of aging and those that are experiencing loss of volume along the cheek area. If you wish to receive additional information, please visit Özel Zen Poliklinik for an initial examination.

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