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Botox Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Botox Treatment in Excessive Sweating Problem

Sweating is important for the body because it balances the body's temperature control. However, some people have more sweating problems than they should be. This problem can hinder people's quality of life. At Zen Polyclinic, we recommend botox treatment for people who are uncomfortable with this situation. Leave the discomfort of excessive sweating behind during the day with our doctors who are successful in their field.

It should be said that botox treatment gives positive results in the problem of excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. At Zen Clinic, we guarantee that we apply botox treatment in the best way in excessive sweating. This situation, which negatively affects the comfort of your daily life, ends effectively in a short time with our expert medical aesthetic doctors.

How is the Botox Treatment?

Botox treatment is a very simple procedure for people who sweat excessively, but it still needs to be done by experts. Our Zen Polyclinic doctors, who are experts in their field, are perfect for this procedure. This treatment is obtained by injection. If the patient is going through such a procedure for the first time, sweating should be checked first. A positive ion test is performed for this control. In this way, places that produce excessive sweat can be identified. For this test to be successfully performed, the person must not touch anything, including water, to his body within the last day.

By determining the parts where there is excessive sweating, botox can be applied to that area. First of all, ice or numbing creams can be applied to the area. Thus, the injection to be made cannot be felt at all. Botulinum toxin is injected under the skin with very fine needles. Thus, this problem is solved in areas that cause excessive sweating. After almost 15 minutes of botox procedure, you can continue your life where you left off. Where the only botox is used, the level of perspiration has decreased. The permanence of botox can be said as 6 or 8 months. You can perform this botox treatment in our polyclinic in the most successful way.

Areas With Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, which usually occurs in the armpit area, can also be experienced in other areas. Other areas where excessive sweating occurs:

  • On the palm
  • On the sole
  • In the face area
  • On the scalp
  • In the groin area

Those Not Recommended to Use This Treatment

Botox treatment for excessive sweating, which can be applied to the age group between 18 and 65, is not recommended in some specific cases. These situations can be listed as follows:

  • Being pregnant
  • Continuing to breastfeed children
  • People with muscle weakness
  • Having an infectious disease
  • Having a neurological disease

In such cases, it is not correct to apply botox treatment for excessive sweating. In addition to the treatment not working, it can cause serious harm to the patient.

How to Prevent Sweating with Botox?

The natural state and function of sweating, keeping the body temperature at a normal level. With the overheating of the body, the nervous system sends commands to the sweat glands. Thus, sweating occurs. In some people, excessive sweating occurs due to excessive stimulation of the nerves to the sweat glands. What Botox has accomplished here is to normalize the nerves that send too much stimulation. In this way, sweating returns to normal in the area where botox was applied.

This Botox Treatment in Zen Polyclinic

Our polyclinic, which can give you comfort and confidence in your life, is the place where botox treatment is successful in excessive sweating. With the expertise and experience of our doctors who apply botox treatment, you can return your sweating to normal without any problems. Consult us without delay and let's turn the excessive sweating problem back to normal in the most perfect way. Zen Polyclinic is the center of the most successful procedures. Please consult us for more detailed information.

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